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Lodge Mooron Checking in

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Not my first post as I found this site whilst investigating the history of the scout troop in Fulwood. It's a great site so congratulations to those who had the initiative to set it up.

I was born and brought up in Lodge Moor (so can call myself a genuin Lodge Mooron). Spent a fantastic childhood there before moving to Crookes when I got married, and now live in Fulwood.

I went to Hallam Infant and Junior/Middle School before moving to Tapton to 'O' levels then King Edwards for 'A' levels. Never made it to university as I got a job and found that I enjoyed getting paid at the end of the month!

I must have quite a few pictures of Lodge Moor taken in the 60s-80s in the loft so shall have to dig them out and see if any are suitable for placing on here.

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Hello and welcome mike142sl,

Looking forward to seeing you're pictures, of Lodge Moor.

Don't worry if they are a bit tatty or dark,

as 'for some strange reason' some of the photos submitted to this site,

some how seem to make a miraculous recovery.


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