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Club Trips

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he he this may have been covered a hundred times somewhere but who can remember club trips. ill give you my most accurate description and see if your stories vary, the first obstacle was actually getting the ticket, we would stand outside darnall horti or libs about 10.30 ish , turning out time, and what you was waiting for were the members that didnt have kids as they got a ticket anyway for paying their subs for the year, some would moan that they needed the ticket the rest would just give you the ticket,on the day of departure , either cleethorpes or skegness, around 10-15 coaches would be round the block, waiting early doors, when you got on you were usually given a round disc with string to tie on yourself and a envelope with about 4 quid in , next came the comitee members with some crates of ale, i cant remember skeggy much but at cleethorpes you seem to have your dinner in the cafe at the end of the railway lines,, ahhh happy days..

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