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This link is intended mainly to inform other Members of items for sale.

I personally state when I am not going to bid when I post an item; this, of course is your choice to state that or not.

Any Major items (i.e. pricey) might be discussed here and Personal Messages may be exchanged so that we/you/I do not bid against each other - please deal with that issue as you see fit.

Good Hunting

Please post details (not price if you don't want to) if you buy something; other folks might be very interested; they might have the glazed-eye look of complete disinterest also ... probably ...

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One word of advice. If you are buying from E-Bay and it is a buy it now price, check that the seller has been getting good feedback recently. As sometimes people hack into sellers accounts and put items for sale, which are a scam. If the feedback is over a year old DO NOT purchase the item. As the original seller has probably not used the account for ages.

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