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The Limit nightclub - Sheffield

Sheffield History

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Looking at a map to try to figure out precisely where this was, as the buildings are obviously gone. Is it in the location of what is now Tsuki (until recently U Buffet) or am I getting my geography wrong?


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I did some research on the precise location as there seems to be conflicting information, and I've been able to pinpoint the exact location of the venue and the entrance door. Sharing here as I'm sure it may be useful to others.

The Limit was previously the Co-Operative Wholesale Society and more photos and angles of the building exist from this time. The site is now occupied predominantly by the newer building that houses the Tsuki restaurant (formerly the U Buffet restaurant) and some apartments above.

By using these various angles and matching up the architecture of the time it's possible to ascertain that the entrance sat essentially directly opposite the still-in-situ Carver Lane. The door in the shot above this post is in roughly the same location as a door on the building that sits there now, pictured below:


The first step in pinpointing the location is to note that The Limit's entrance was clearly on the far right-hand side of the building. The lower windows were filled in from the Wholesale Society days, but it's otherwise very clear where the door was located:


With that in mind, note the large, tall building on the right, the Wholesale Society, below. You can verify where The Limit's door would have been very easily from this shot. The fish and chip shop next door's windows, while not decorated in a lighter colour later, and the roofs of the adjacent buildings, are also very easy to identify for comparison, as is the design of the windows above The Limit's door, even with the changes to the lower windows to accommodate the night club entrance:


The site of the shops further down from The Limit (including Lievesley Watch Repairs, Davona Jewellers, Conway Tailors, Golfscene, Goodies Catering and Government Surplus) ultimately ended up being replaced by a building that became offices. That particular replacement building was itself knocked down a few years ago, along with the bar venue at 52 West Street (which had been GT Sportsworld, Takapuna and finally West Street Ale House) and replaced with student accommodation.

The above photo is the best representation of where The Limit was because you can clearly trace across the road to Carver Lane.

Hopefully this solves the mystery of exactly where it lies!

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