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Guest tsavo

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1 hour ago, theimposter1979 said:

Do we know this shut in '51 or are we going on the standard cut off?

The "Closed, Span" used on here was in reference to data submitted, not to pub closure.

Edit: sorry just read your question.


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On 28 March 2008 at 8:54 PM, dobberd said:

Albert Inn
113 -15 Broomhall Street, S3
Open 1835 Closed 1992 Span 157

1871 Miss Emma Ormerod (Beerhouse)

1876 Mrs Emma Ormerod
1881 Mrs Emma Ormerod [widow ]
1937 Ernest Elliott
1938 Ernest Elliott
1939 Ernest Elliott
1942 Mrs A Elliott
1944 Mrs A Elliott
1948 Mrs A Elliott [ 113 Broomhall Street ]
1951 James F Elliott (103 Broomhall Street)



Hi- Have we got any confirmation this shut in '92 I have seen other references to it closing in 1974 which would make more sense...?

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Thanks for the update Hugh. I'll check my data, if I can't find any proof to the contrary, I'll update the original data. Always willing to be proven wrong with supporting evidence. That was kind of the original plan, Tsavo and me worked on my data for nearly a year then thought "we could carry on like this forever, or post the lot and hope people will understand it's not a work of 100% accuracy, more this is what we think, what do you think ?"


Now updated to 1851.

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Rightie-ho. Mitchell Street existed in 1849, but no sign of a boozer or indeed Mr Allen.


John Allen, springknife manufacturer and beerhouse, 4 Mitchell Street is however shown in 1852 directory, which to my mind means 1851 (since directory data is collated prior to the publication year).

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Provide the evidence about The Albert please Mr Imposter and we'll have a rethink. Though it was originally posted by Dobberd, he (and Tsavo) were doing me a favour. I'm to blame ...

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On 03/04/2008 at 07:46, RichardB said:

Cannon Spirit Vaults / Castle Wine Vaults

30 Castle Street

Open 1774 Closed Span 234

Comments now The Cannon



1837 J Whaley (Spirit Vaults)

1845 Sarah Bunting (Vaults)

1851 to 1854 William Naylor

1856 William Naylor

1861 to 1864 William Naylor

1868 William Naylor

1871 William Naylor

1876 William F Gillott

1879 Richard Darwent [ Castle Wine Vaults ]

1881 Richard Darwent

1883 Henry Beck

1887 John Tym [ Castle Wine Vaults, 30 Castle Street ]

1889 Mrs Ann Tym

1890 Richard Marshall

1895 -6 R. Marshall [ Castle Wine Vaults, 30 Castle Street ]

1898 Frederick Alcock [ Castle Wine Vaults ]

1900 to 1903 Henry Beaumont (Castle Wine Vaults)

1905 Vernon H Ryde

1907 Nathaniel Mawby [ Cannon Spirit Vaults, 30 Castle Street ]

1910 to 1913 Fred Evans Stones [ Cannon Spirit Vaults ]

1916 Arthur Jackson [ Cannon ]

1917 Arthur Jackson

1919 to 1925 Arthur Jackson [ Cannon ]

1929 Arthur Jackson

1933 Arthur Jackson

1936 to 1939 John Frederick Garnett

1942 John Frederick Garnett

1944 John Frederick Garnett

1948 Thomas Benjamin Bolton

1951 John Arthur Bradley


Picture Sheffield Image


1851 census image - William Naylor

Advertising postcard on Ebay pertaining to the 1905 entry Cannon Hotel -  Vernon H. Ryde.




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On 02/04/2008 at 08:06, dobberd said:


Leopold Street


Earlier Closed Span 

Comments Modern


Earlier Closed Span  - Buccaneer closed in 1973 due to the Grand Hotel being demolished & the site redeveloped as The Fountain Precinct

Comments Modern - Landlady was Olga Marshall who then went on to manage The Wapentake

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On 19/01/2010 at 04:14, Guest Jeremy said:



A few extras:


1822 (Baine's) Zachariah Bowling, Bay Childers (High Street)

1828–9 (Pigot's) Elizabeth Brumby, Bay Childers (High Street)

1833 (White's) Richard Eels, Bay Childers (Mulberry Street and 7 High Street)

1834 (Pigot's) Elizabeth Eels, Bay Childers (8 High Street)

1837 (White's) G. Holmes, Bay Childers (9 High st)

1839 (Robson's) Thomas Murfin, Victoria Hotel (38 High Street & 2 Mulberry Street)

1849 (White's) John Walker, Victoria (ct. 40 High Street)

1851 (Census) John Walker (Victoria Yard, High Street)

1854 (Kelly's) William Gunthorpe, Victoria (High Street)

1854 (Kelly's) William Gunthorpe, Queen Victoria (2 Mulberry Street)

1861 (Census) Henry Hutchinson, Victoria Hotel (3 George Street)

1862 (White's) Henry Hutchinson, Victoria Hotel (40 High Street)

1871 (White's) Jane Stacey, Victoria Hotel (3 George Street)

1871 (Census) Jane E Stacey, Inn Keeper (High Street)

1879 (White's) Jane Ellen Stacey, Queen Victoria (40 High Street & 2 Mulberry Street)

1881 (Kelly's) Jane Ellen Stacey, Queen Victoria Hotel (40 High Street & Mulberry Street)

1881 (Census) Jane E Stacey, Inn Keeper (40 High Street)

1891 (Census) Elizabeth Cromwell, Victualler, Queen Victoria (High Street)

1893 (Kelly's) Elizabeth Green, Queen Victoria Hotel (40 High Street & Mulberry Street)

1901 (Census) Henry Matthewman, Westminster Hotel (High Street)

1901 (White's) Henry Matthewman (High Street & Mulberry Street)

1911 (Census) Thomas Hopcutt, Westminster Hotel (High Street)

1919 (White's) Annie Elizabeth Hird, Westminster Hotel (Mulberry Street)

1925 (Kelly's) William James Woodford, Westminster Hotel (Mulberry Street)

Hi All new to the site, I'm hoping to find out where the Bay Childers pub or Victoria yard were located on the High Street. An ancestor ( John Walker) was the landlord, research for family history.

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3 hours ago, Codders said:

Hi All new to the site, I'm hoping to find out where the Bay Childers pub or Victoria yard were located on the High Street. An ancestor ( John Walker) was the landlord, research for family history.

Sales Lot.
Queen Victoria Hotel, Formerly called The Bay Childers. 

Sheffield Daily Telegraph 29 February 1868

Sheffield 2A.JPG

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On 28/03/2008 at 18:14, RichardB said:


20 Burton Road

Open 1887 Closed 1912, Span

became a Boys Club


1887 Francis Harrison

1898 Joseph Morton [ beerhouse ]

1903 Joseph Morton

Hi, I'm new to the forum :)

Joseph Morton was my paternal great grandfather and finding this post cleared up a family tree mystery.

I knew he lived at 20 Burton Road and that he ran a pub called the Acorn but always assumed it was the other Acorn (288-292 Shalesmoor). My great aunt told me that they lived in the pub though so I couldn't work out what was going on. Now I know - there was another Acorn on Burton Road and it was a beerhouse not a pub.

I wonder if there are any old photos of it? I noticed on Google Maps that it's now a nice looking coffee shop.

I've added a photo of Joseph Morton. Thanks for clearing up this little mystery :)


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1 hour ago, Edmund said:

...and he looks as if butter wouldn't melt in his mouth:


Here's an aerial photo taken in 1951 - Acorn arrowed (Britainfromabove.org.uk):


Strangely enough when it became a cafe Frank Cox, proprietor R.I.P, it had a betting office attached next door Loll Banks Ltd.

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4 hours ago, Lady Rowena said:

😮 I knew he was also a bookmaker but thought he was doing it legitimately... maybe not!

Unfortunately not!

There was no such thing as legitimate betting or gaming in pubs or beerhouses at that time and it was quite common for licensees to be pulled up in court for allowing it to occur. That said, this was clearly seen to be a very severe case and the sum fined was very high (I think it is probably the maximum they could have fined in the circumstances). There were consequences beyond the fine too. Your Great Grandfather would almost certainly have had a "letter from the brewery" (Worksop & Retford) following the conviction giving him notice as there would be no chance that the licence would be renewed to him by the magistrates.  It is also extremely unlikely he would ever be granted a licence in Sheffield or anywhere nearby again. The brewery did find a new licensee but when the licence came up for renewal the matter was adjourned for consideration. The grant to the new incumbent was subsequently refused. Worksop & Retford appealed against the decision (which meant that the house was allowed to stay open in the interim) but when the case came up at Quarter Sessions in Wakefield their decision was the same and time was called on the New Acorn.

It appears that there have been several major alterations to the property since it closed for sale of alcohol in April 1908 and I doubt there is much left to indicate how it once was. Google street view from 2008 seems to show a bit of original stonework at ground level on the frontage and the site of the old barrel drop was then still evident.


In case it is of interest, your great grandfather originally had the licence transfered to him (and so would have lived there) in August of 1896 and may have been there as interim licensee a little before. He remained the licensee, nominally at least, until February 1908 but it is unlikely he'd have remained there long after the conviction. He had also received a caution from the police in April 1899, though their records don't state what for, but it was not deemed serious enough to warrant prosecution.

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