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Olympia Bramall Lane


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The Sheffield City Battalion had a Sgt's Mess at Olympia, Bramall Lane. The 'Twelfth Club', was made up of members of the 12th Bn. who had served with the regiment on or before 1st July 1916. During 1919 they had monthly 'Smoking Concerts from Jan - Jun. By Sept. the club had moved to the Imperial rooms on Pinstone St.

( from Sheffield City Battalion, Ralph Gibson & Paul Oldfield )


Picture Sheffield

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Held at Sheffield Archives:

Papers relating to sales ACM/65434/33 1914

"Sale to Sheffield Olympia and Provincial Rinks Ltd.; property: premises in Shoreham Street, and Bramall Lane, (lease only) Sheffield"

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From a thread about motorcycle manufacturer George William Wilkin:

In 1914 George took part in the London to Edinburgh Run comprising 199 Motorcycles with and without sidecars, and 27 Cyclecars. He was number 164 on a Rex 8 h.p. sidecar outfit.  From 6th July he took part in the A.C.U. Six Day Trial, which was based in Sheffield. George used a 349cc 2 ¾ h.p. Levis. The A.C.U. rented shop premises on London Road which allowed for administration, a press office and display of the silver cups for the winners,  The Olympia skating rink on Bramall Lane was hired for storage of the machines, refuelling and for scrutineering. Machines and riders were taken next door to the Anchor Brewery where they were weighed. A Sheffield-Simplex car was used to spread dye along the route for competitors to follow. George and the Levis performed well especially on the hill climbs, and he finished with a bronze medal award. On the 18th July the Sheffield and Hallamshire Motor Cycle Club held their final flying kilometre trial of a series of three – George set the fastest sidecar time on an 8 h.p. Rex-JAP. On 25th July The Sheffield and Hallamshire MCC organised their sixth annual Holyhead and back trial (a distance of 316 miles) – the weather was terrible but George won a silver medal, again on his Rex-JAP.

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Advertisement for Olympia Roller Rink, Bramall Lane. 1913.y14623.jpg.448cc2b2e7d2ba77b32db01d1a18110f.jpgy14623

Bramall Lane (close to the football ground).

When the match is over go to the most popular rink in Yorkshire.

Finest skating area in the country.

Every evening at 7. Thursday and Saturday matinee, 2.30.

Admission and skates (Ladies) 6d. Admission and skates (Gents) 9d. Admission only 3d.

Excellent cafe, Thursday and Saturday tea served from 2.30 to 10.30 .

Heeley motor buses pass the door.

Original at Sheffield Local Studies Library: MP 7537 M.


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Olympia Skating Rink, Bramall Lane, opened September 1911. p00129.jpg.d827f724b4ea5554d479baf165116cfa.jpgp00129


The Band at Olympia Skating Rink. 



Hugh Kelly, bandmaster. 



Roller skaters. 



Prof. Gentil and Little Doris, Olympia Skating Rink. 



Group of roller skaters. 



Roller Skater. 






Roller skaters. 



Probably employees and musicians, Olympia Skating Rink. 



Cafe at Olympia Skating Rink. 





Roller skater at the cafe. 



Olympia Skating Rink. 



These images were originally part of the Tim Hale Photographic Collection. It was purchased at auction in September 2019 through donations from members of the public and a grant from the Graves Trust.


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