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OXO building

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Joiner Street S3 8GW


I have recently found that there used to be an Oxo building in Sheffield. The building was completed in the mid to late 1930s, with the Sheffield Refreshment Houses being next door.

The building was in Joiner St down the Wicker and closed in 1968

They didnt actually make anything there, the oxos etc came from somewhere else.

The Oxo Building was offices and a distribution centre. All the well known OXO products were made elswhere. (Van-Den-Bergh Foods then Batchelors made Oxo cubes in the early '90s. Factory was on Gateford Ind Este Worksop.)

The building fronted on to Joiner Street with a very large loading dock on the side, in Nursery Lane. For many years, it had the "OXO" name in large letters at the top of the building.

There was a glass and concrete building on Joiner Street that was the "newer" part of the L. Harrison cutlery works. This was where most of Harrisons' production work was done. The main entrance to this section of the works was on Joiner Street; however, most of their workers used to use the entrance on Nursery Lane , across from Oxo. There used to be a transformer/substation right next to this entrance to the Harrison building (corner of Nursery Lane and Wicker Lane)

The older part of the Harrison works (which included the corporate and works offices, plating shops, shipping, etc.) was on the corner of Joiner Street and Stanley Street.

The current owners are trying to revive the building - we'll nip along for some pics..


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