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Sheffield History

What school did you go to ?

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i went to hartley brook school then on to firth park comp ( the brushes building ) . i left school in 1972 age 15. 

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On 21/01/2008 at 11:48, carlie167 said:

Went to St Maries on the corner of Edmund Rd ( I think thats where it was), Its been demolished these many years now though. I wonder if any one else remembers it. The headmistress was a nun, Sister Mary Dennis, and there were several other nuns who taught there as well. I wonder if anyone has any pictures (crosses fingers). Well I can always hope!! :):)

I remember Sister Mary Dennis she was cruel and put the fear of God in us kids. Myself and my sister Denise were some of the protestant kids who attended the school. Her favourite phrase was "God knows what your going to do before you do it and it's a sin" Talk about giving little kids a complex, we attended as we lived on Edmund Road. I remember sports day at Oakbrook Convent our only day when we could have fun without the nuns breathing down our necks and we had a picnic lunch on the grass. 

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