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Thought I had better introduce myself (tried once before but I got it wrong) as I have been on for 2 days and am getting addicted.

I have lived in Sheffield all my life but have travelled all over the place (work & pleasure)

I am very interested in the history of Sheffield and what's happening at present.

This site is a great find and such a good idea.

The contributors are excellent with lots of knowledge and so friendly.

Keep it going

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Hi Stu and welcome to the forum! It's completely addictive and chock full of interesting stuff, as well as a good laugh at times. Hope to see you posting!



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Guest Uppsy_Daisy

Hi and welcome, I find this site addictive too..I am a sheffielder born bred and the lingo to go with it (I hate myself when I hear myself on video, I sound like a sheffield hillybilly) I find some surprises are at store as I have found out myself with looking around on this site and everyone seems friendly too.

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