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Richard's off on one.....

Guest tsavo

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You find all sorts of strange message's in your postbox these days. Couldn't resist sharing this with everyone.



Back in't olden days, when yer Uncle Fred weer butta bairn, ther wer a new fangeled electrical device called T'Internet. It were grand, tha cud abuse Artha Askey fer nowt ... solicit romantic replies from leadin' Ladies like Alice Faye and Ethel Mermen without as much as a stamp.

Nowadays, tha's gorra be careful, cuz the Pollice can be onta tha reight quick, one wrong comment abart The Wednesdays balls-up in't '66 Final and yer flat cap is nailed t'ut post afore yerf got yer fourth pint down yer cake-'ole.

Apparently. Copyright 1967 Uncle Wilbert, 2008 Warner Brothers, 2009-Infinity - Mrs Miggins Pie-Shoppe, newly located Ruler of the Universe. ("Universe" copyright, trademark and sole-trading name of "God's Golf-Ball Productions")


May be some Geordie mixed into that, I've been up here since 1981, was hoping for early Parole .....

now one part of that is actually a real institution ... I know, I tried to ring them once ... international like ...

Operator : What number are you calling

Me : xxx-Utility-Muffin-Research-Kitchen

Operator : That number is too long ..... (eh ?)

Me : Gods Golf-Ball Productions .... ?

Operator : No ....

Me : Honker Home Video ?

Operator : Getting Closer ..... ...

Me : Barking Pumpkin ?

Operator : Putting you thorough ....

True, circa 1989; all that to order a book !!!!

The World has gone Mad I tell you !!!


Feel free to post with my blessing, if I've not infringed any internationally important Peace Treaties ....

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and, to add insult to injury, my copy of "Ripping Yarns" only plays the first story on each DVD, so much for the complete series, no menu, straight in, one episode per DVD, Bugger !

Gods Golf Ball Productions - bonus house point for anyone that can place the artist (music, early seventies, used to be represented in the UK by a man familiar to us all, some deformity of one hand, had a beard, annoying Saturday night TV programme still running - the Representative, not the music artist)

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The Promoter was Jeremy Beadle, but don't have a clue who he represented.

Correct, There Ain't No Santa Claus on the Evening Stage ....

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He suffers from Poland Syndrome which explains the problem with his hand. Strange, I never noticed, but I also never noticed that Radar in Mash had a deformed hand.

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