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I think you've used one of my copyrighted pictures on this site

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Sheffield History

If we spot a picture on the internet then we will usually download it, then upload to this site and add a link to the post to show the original site/owner rather than link to it - this reduces bandwidth and server load on the original website.

If however this causes us to breach any copyright or cause upset or offence then please let us know.

We are a non profit site - our aim is merely to inform and provide information to people all over the world about Sheffield's great history.

We will always provide credit for pictures or quotes and will link to websites where we found the source information also.

Sometimes we have pictures uploaded by members or sent in via email that we might not know who the copyright owner is so any help with those is most welcome !

If you spot a picture that doesn't have the correct credit attributed let us know so we can add it or correct it - the last thing we want to do is to have content that isn't correctly credited or attributed to the wrong people.

If you have any questions or would like to point us to the correct credits please email us - admin@sheffieldhistory.co.uk

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