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Sheffield Boys Football team 1967

Guest Charlie Wag

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Guest Charlie Wag

This is a picture of The City of Sheffield under 11 football team taken in 1967 all the players were picked from different schools in Sheffield , Not sure where the picture was taken .

The only names i remember were Gary Parker front row far left and Pete Jordan who was stood to the left of the Ugly Goalkeeper he he

Also i think back row third from the right was Steve Charles .

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Excellent. Steve Charles lived at Bradway during the 80's and used to help with our Scout Football Team while he played for Sheffield United. Coincidentally someone mentioned his daughter to me last week as she used to play for one of the local ladies teams.

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Guest Michael Burke

I think your photograph was taken at Shirecliffe school. I have a photograph of a Sheffield Select team who were playing the Sheffield under 11 of the 1966/67 side.

Martin Lyons is back row far left and Richard Eason is back row 2nd from the right. Both from my school Rollestone.

The Sheffield Select side was a selection of possibles for the under 11 side for the 1967/68 team. We lost 5 -4. Pete Jordan scored 4 for your side and I scored 2 for our side. Years later Pete Jordan and I played in the same Sunday league team, with both of us playing in midfield.

The side that played against us was:

Crenshaw,Eason, Vickers,Kay, Bedford, Hill, Hicken,Naylor,Jordan,Fearn,Forrest. Subs Dickens, Fogg (also Rollestone) Gallagher, Atherton.

Out of our team 7 of us went onto play for Sheffield Boys the following season and won the Green un cup.

Hope this helps you.


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Firstly, the photograph of Sheffield Boys almost certainly was at Shirecliffe School. I was at that school at the time.

Secondly, I have been wondering, what became of Sheffield Boys and the structure?

I had two cousins and a two schoolfriends, one Mark Smith, that played for Sheffield Boys under 15's or 16's at the same time, I think around 1974/5 time, perhaps.

What became ot that set-up? Any info, any photographs?

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Back in the 1950s Firth Park Grammar produced a number of excellent football teams. The headmaster at the time, one " Dr W R C Chapman"... usually known as "Arsie" refused to allow any of the schools team to play for Sheffield Boys. They could play for the County ( and presumably country) but not for their home City. In an unofficial and totally unrecognised game the school first X1 whopped the City boys team and, to the best of my knowledge, no return match was ever played.

One lad whose father had played First Division football could not resist an invitation to play in goal for the City...which he did. He never played for the school again. Such was the "Class consciousness" of at least one Council Grammar School and one suspects it was not alone.

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