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Pre 20th Century Streets/Places in Sheffield

Sheffield History

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Here's a list of Sheffield streets, roads and places pre 20th Century


Balm Green

Broad Lane

Bull Stake

Campo Lane

Castle Fold

Castle Green

Castle Green Head

Castle Hill

Church Lane

Far Gate

Fig Tree Lane or New Street


High Street

Holling Lane or Blind lane - later Holly Street

Irish Cross

Mill Sands

New Hall Street

Pinfold Lane

Ratten Row


Scargill Croft

Snig Hill

The Isle

The Underwater

Townhead Street


Water Lane

West Bar

West Bar Green

IN 1821,

Ainley yard, 72, Newfield

Albion row, Broad lane end

Albion square, 20, Solly street

Allen Street, Gibraltar street

Allen yard, 13, Smithfield

Allot's yard, 18, Porter lane

Alpha cottages, Highfield

Alsop row, 5, Porter lane

Andrew street, Wicker

Andrew's yard, 29, Furnace hill

Angel street, Market place

Appleyard's yard, 21, Furnace hill

Armitage yard, 13, Gaol street

Arundel street, Norfolk street

Arundel lane, Arundel street

Backfields, Division street

Back lane, Division street

Back lane, 18, Wicker

Back lane, Rockingham street

Back broad street, Park

Bacon island, near Hillfoot

Badger's row, 25, Portobello

Bailey lane, Trippet lane

Bailey street, Trippet lane

Baker's hill, Market street

Baker's yard, 36 Peacroft

Bail yard, 56 Pond street

Ball yard, 1, Young street

Balm Green, Bailey street

Bank street, Angel street

Barber's court, 20, Radford street

Barber nook, Crooks moor

Barker's yard, Backfields

Barlow's yard, Broad street, Park

Barnet street, Snowhill

Barns yard, 12, Cross Smithfield

Barracks, Pennistone road

Barrel yard, 17, Little Pond street

Barrel yard, 15, Edward street

Barrett's yard, 14, Allen street

Bates square Top of Westbar green

Bath yard, Philadelphia

Batty's yard, Dyer's bridge

Batty's yard, 22, Furnace hill

Batty's yard, 17, Young street

Beach's yard, 1, Solly street

Bealey's yard, t2, Young street

Bealey's yard, 37, Hereford street

Beal's yard, 43, Solly street

Beardshaw's court, 39, Allen street

Beardshaw's yard, Allen street

Beast market, Wicker

Beaver's Buildings, 2, Pye bank

Beet street, Broad lane

Belk's court, 60, Scotland Street

Bell's square, Trippet lane

Bennett's court, 12, Radford street

Bennett's lane, Forge lane

Bingham's yard, 35, Radford street

Bingham's yard, 10, Young street

Birkenshaw's yard, 11, Orchard street

Birtle's yard, 1, Young street

Bishop street, Tudor street

Black Swan yard, 7, Burgess street

Black Swan yard, 3, Fargate

Blast lane, Canal bridge

Blank street, Wicker

Blue bell yard, 43, High street

Boot yard, Redhill

Boot and Shoe yard, Pinstone street

Bower spring, Westbar green

Bower street, Spring street

Bower's buildings, 27, Pye bank

Bower's yard, 33, Nursery

Bowling green street, Gibraltar street

Bradley's yard, 5, Hollis croft

Bradow row, 83 Rockingham street

Bradwall row, Baley lane

Brammall lane, Bennett's wheel

Brick pond side, Broad lane

Brick yard, 20, Green street

Bridgefield, Barnsley road

Bridge houses, near iron bridge, Nursery

Bridge Inn yard, Bridgehouses

Bridge street, Lady bridge

Brightmore's yard, 6, Garden street

Brightmore's yard, Church street

Bright street, South street

Bright's row, Hawley croft

Bright's yard, Lee croft

Britannia place, 41, Garden street

Broad lane, Townhead street

Broad lane end, Tenter street

Broad street lane, Broad Street

Broad street, Park

Brocco street, Solly street

Brook hill, head of Broad lane

Brook's open, 20, Nursery

Broomhall lane mill, Shemeld's croft

Broomhead square, Park hill

Broomhead yard, 39, Hoyle street

Brown Cow yard, 7, Brighouse hill

Browne street, End of Pond street

Brown's yard, 106, Eyre street

Bunting's yard, Hereford street

Burdekin's yard, Bridgehouses

Burgess street, Balm green

Burgess Yard, 44, Pond street

Burgin's Yard, 6, Harvest lane

Burton bridge gardens, Pond street

Button lane, Foot of Carver street

Buxton's yard, 8, Copper street

Cabbage alley, Cheney square

Cadman's court, 13, Fargate

Cadman's yard, 67, Eyre lane

Calver square, Duke street

Campo lane, Hartshead

Canton place, Upperthorpe

Carpenter street, near Iron bridge

Carr's yard, 24, Smithfield

Carr's yard, 68, Newfield

Carver lane, Division street

Carver street, West street

Castle folds, Castle hill

Castle green, Castle street

Castle hill, Bottom of Hay market

Castle street, Foot of Angel street

Caton square, 33, Nursery

Cayley's yard, 45, Garden street

Centre fields, Infirmary road

Change alley, 29, Fruit market

Chapel lane, 23, Chapel street

Chapel street, Bridgehouses

Chapel walk, 5, Fargate

Chapman's yard, Redhill

Charles lane, back of Charles street

Charles street, Union street

Cheney row, Norfolk street

Cheney square, New church street

Cherry tree yard, Gibraltar street

Church street, top of High street

Clay hole, 78, Bridgehouses

Clayton's row, 20, Wicker

Cliff's yard, 3, High street

Cloth houses, 10, Gaol street

Clough hill, near Clough o ugh wheel

Club, yard, Mill sands

Club mill yard, 20, Smithfield

Coaldwell's yard, 54 Porter lane

Coal pit lane, Balm green

Colley's yard, 28, Lambert Street

Colliers row, Mansfield row, Park

Copley's yard, 88, Broad lane

Copley's yard, 6, Portobello

Copper street, Gibraltar street

Corn hill, Sully street

Corn market, Market place

Cotton mill bridge, Cotton mill lane

Cotton mill lane, Longcroft

Cotton mill row, Cotton mill lane

Cotton mill walk, Cotton mill lane

Cotton street, end of Bridge street

Coulson croft Coulson street

Coulson street, Westbar

Cranshaw's court, Shales moor

Cranshaw's yard, Green lane

Crawshaw's yard, 39, High street

Creswick square, 24, Pond hill

Cricket Inn lane, Snowhill, Park

Crooks croft Hospital walk

Crooks moor, end of Broadlane

Crook's yard, 43, Hollis croft

Crosland square, 72, Allen street

Crossland yard, Broad street, Park

Cross Burgess street, Burgess street

Cross Keys yard, 4, Shade hill

Crossland's yard, 81, Allen street

Cross Orchard street, Orchard street

Cross Smithfield, Smithfield

Cross street, 12, Chapel street

Crown alley, Duke street, Park

Cumberland street, South street

Cupola street, 21, Gibraltar street

Daisy walk, 52, Allen street

Daniel hill, Upperthorpe

Davy's yard, 74, Bridgehouses

Dawson's yard, Snow lane

Dearman's yard, Trippet lane

Denton's yard, 3, Chapel street

Dewsnap's yard, 5, Furnace hill

Dickenson's yard, Cotton mill lane

Division street, Carver street

Dixon's lane, Hay market

Drury's houses, 30, Gaol Street

Duke's lane, back of Duke street

Duke street, Broad street

Duke street, South street

Dunfields, Shales moor

Dunfield's court, Dunfields

Dun wheel, Cotton mill walk

Dungworth's yard, 18, Cumberland street

Dyer's bridge, Pond hill

Dyer's yard, Wicker

Eadon's yard, 43, Peacroft

Earl street, South street

East bank, Pond street

East parade, Church yard

Edward Street, Scotland street

Eel's houses, 56, Rockingham street

Elliott's yard, 14, Furnace hill

Emmett's court, New street, Park

Emsworth's court, 6, Radford street

Emsworth's court, 33, Radford street

Emsworth's yard, 8, Radford street

Ethcate yard, 13, Edward street

Eyre lane, bottom of Surrey street

Eyre square, Wicker

Lyre street, Surrey street

Eyre's yard, 28, Fargate

Fanshaw's yard, 99, Eyre lane

Fargate, 25, High street

Favell's yard, 78, Fargate

Favell's yard, 70, Spring street

Field's yard, near Hillfoot

Fig tree lane, 12, Bank street

Fire brick yard, Wicker

Fisher's court, Bridge street

Fisher's yard, 34, Smithfield

Fish market, King street

Flat street, near Market street

Flint well, Balm green

Flockton's houses, near Allen street

Flockton's row, 66, Rockingham street

Flockton's yard, 7, Jessop street

Flockton's yard, 26, Division street

Forge lane, 20, Cumberland street

Forge lane, Shudehill

Foundry lane, Duke street

Francis Yard, 29, Peacroft

Frith's court, Snig hill

Froggatt's yard, Wicker

Fruit market, near Haymarket

Furnace hill, Westbar green

Furnace yard, 24, Scotland street

Furnace yard, High street, Park

Furnace yard, Garden street

Furnace yard, 50, Nursery

Furnace hill, Nursery

Furniss yard, 40, Eyre lane

Furnival street, end of Union street

Gaol street, South street

Garden square, 90, Broad lane

Garden street, Broad lane end

Gate yard, Coal pit lane

Gell street, Portobello street

George street, High street

Gibraltar street, Westbar green

Gill's yard, 6, Chapel street

Glave's yard, 86, Peacroft

Gooden's Yard, 8, Bright street

Goodlad's houses, near Allen street

Grayson's yard, 62, Newfield

Grayson's yard, 19, Scotland street

Greaves yard, Pond street

Greaves yard, 47, Harvest lane

Greaves yard, 11, Gibraltar street

Green lane, near Roscoe place

Green lane, 28, Pye bank

Green Man yard, Broad street, Park

Green street, Gaol street

Greenwood's yard, 42, Nursery

Grindlegate, Tenter street

Grove houses, Hill top

Hadfield's Court, 6, Love street

Hadfield's row, 9, Gaol street

Hadfield square, 8, Gaol street

Halbert square, 3, Spring street

Hallamgate, near Reservoir

Hallatt's yard, 20, Nursery

Hallcar place. Wicker

Hall's Yard, 56, Sully street

Hall's yard, 19, Orchard street

Haly bank, Highfield

Hammond's yard, 95, Pond street

Hammond's yard, Trinity street

Hancock's yard, 60, Hollis croft

Hanson's square, Walker street

Hardy's Yard, Cotton mill lane

Harmer lane, Pond street

Hartram's yard, 31, Sully street

Hartshead, Watson's walk

Harvest lane, Bridgehouses

Hattersley's yard, 11, Bright street

Haukridge yard, Duke street, Park

Hawksworth's yard, 34, High street

Hawley croft, Campo lane

Hawley's yard, 41, Jessop street

Haymarket, Market place

Haymarket lane, Haymarket

Headford court, Headford Street

Headford street, Young street

Hereford lane, 13, Cumberland street

Hereford Street, South street

Hibberson's yard, 12, Sycamore street

Hick's lane, West bar

Highfield, Little Sheffield

High house, Pennistone road

High street, Market place

High street, Broad street, Park

Hill foot, Pennistone road

Hill's court, 65, Broad lane

Hill's court, 53, Wicker

Hill's yard, 54, Nursery

Hill's yard, 59, Wicker

Hill's yard, 32, Young street

Hobson's court, 8, New church street

Hobson's yard, 86, Duke street, Park

Hodgson's court, Little Sheffield

Hodgson's yard, 2½, Pond hill

Holbert's yard, 21, Trinity street

Holdsworth's row, 9, Shales moor

Holdsworth's yard, 15, Jessop street

Hollis croft, Broad lane end

Holly street, Balm green

Hop yard, Clough wheel

Horrax yard 79, Fargate

Hospital walk, near Sheaf bridge

Howard lane, Pond street

Howard street, Norfolk street

Howden's yard, ½4, Hollis croft

Hoyland's yard, 16, Peacroft

Hoyle street, 29, Shales moor

Hudson's yard, 34, Harvest lane

Hughes yard, 36, Smithfield

Hughes yard, Lambert street

Infirmary lane, Shales moor

Isle, Bridge street

Jehu Lane, Haymarket

Jenkinson's yard, Bailey lane

Jepson's yard, 25, Edward street

Jerico, Allen street

Jessop street, South street

Jessop's yard, Carver street

Johnson street, 29, Nursery

Joiner street, 39, Nursery

Jones's yard, King street

Keaton's square, Wicker

Kilham island, Dun wheel

King street, Angel street

King's Arms yard, 42, Fargate

King and Miller court, 79. Norfolk street

Kirby court, 6, Steelhouse lane

Kirby lane, High street

Kirby lane, Park street

Kirby's yard, 21, Cross Smithfield

Lambert's croft, Westbar green

Lambert street, Trinity street

Lambert's yard. Pye bank

Law's yard, Hollis croft

Leavey greave, near Brook hill

Lee croft, Campo lane

Lee lane, Brightside

Lindley's yard, Newfield

Lindsley's yard, Copper street

Little Pond street, Shude hill

Little Sheffield, bottom of South street

Littlewood's yard, 9, Sycamore street

Long croft, Dunfields

Lord's yard, 29, Trinity street

Love at, eel, Spring street

Low street, South street, Park

Machan's yard, 50, Harvest lane

Maiden's row, 27, Duke street

Mansfield road, Duke street, Park

Market place, bottom of High street

Market street, Fruit market

Marple's yard, Hollis croft

Marple's yard, Solly street

Marshall's yard, 80, Rockingham street

Marshfield, 32, Portobello

Martin's yard, 2½, Broad lane

Matthew's yard, 28, Young street

Mayer's yard, Duke street, Park

Meadow bank, Pond street

Meadow street, 10, Allen street

Meeting lane, Bank street

Milk street, Norfolk street

Mill lane, Bridge street

Mill lane court, 40, Bridge street

Millsands, Bridge street

Moorfields, Gibraltar street

Moor street, Tudor street

Morton's court, 3, Brick yd. Green street

Morton's houses, Allen street

Morton wheels, Philadelphia

Moseley's court, 8, Townhead street

Mulberry street, High street

Nag's Head court, Haymarket

Nag's Head yard, Haymarket

Naylor's yard, Chapel street

Naylor's yard, Solly street

Neepsend, Harvest lane

Nell's yard, Rock street

Nelson's row, Wicker

Nether hallam, Crooks moor

Nether slack, Penistone road

Netherthorpe, Allen street

Newbould's court, 9, Young street

New Church street, Norfolk street

Newfield, near Iron bridge

Newhall street, Snig hill

Newhill, Sheffield moor

Newmarket Street, Norfolk street

New meadow street, Allen street

New street, Bank street

New street, Park

New street, Queen street

Newton's court, 32, West bar

New town, Park

Norfolk lane, Surrey street

Norfolk row, 62, Norfolk street

Norfolk Street, Market street

Norrisfield, Love street

North street, Queen street

Nowell's yard, 52, Gaol street

Nursery, Wicker

Nursery lane, 15, Wicker

Nursery row, 20, Nursery

Nursery walk, Lady bridge

Oakes houses, Duke street, Park

Oborne street, Bridge houses

Old Steam Engine yd. Crook's croft, Park

Old street, Broad street, Park

Onion's yard, 13, Porter lane

Orange street, Broad lane

Orchard lane, Orchard street

Orchard lane, Park

Orchard place, 12, Orchard street

Orchard street, Church street

Osborne's yard, 11, Smithfield

Owen's yard, 44, High street

Palfreyman's yard, 39, Newfield

Paradise square, Campo lane

Paradise street, Paradise square

Parker's yard, West bar

Parkgate, Broad street, Park

Park hill, New street, Park

Parkin's yard, Jehu lane

Parkin's yard, 78, Peacroft

Parrot yard, 110, Sheffield moor

Parsonson yard, 16, Smithfield

Paternoster row, Pond street

Peace yard, 4, Smithfield

Peacroft, Tenter street

Penistone road, Moorfields

Pepper alley, 25, Fargate

Pheasant yard, Sheaf bridge

Philadelphia place, Penistone road

Pickle, Wicker

Pinder's yard, 33, Arundel street

Pinfold lane, Church street

Pinstone street, Norfolk street

Pitts moor, Bridge houses

Plant's yard, Highfield

Pond hill, Flat street

Pond hill, Sheaf gardens

Pond lane gardens, Dyers bridge

Pond Street, Flat street

Porter brook, Jessop street

Porter lane, Porter street

Porter street, Union street

Port Macon, Meadow street

Portobello, Rockingham street

Potter's yard, 85, Eyre lane

Prince of Wales yard, 1, Sycamore street

Prince's yard, Edward street

Prince's yard, Young street

Providence row, Allen street

Pye bank, Barnsley road

Queen's Head yard, Castle street

Queen street, Bank street

Radford row, Townhead street

Radford street, Mien street

Ramsden's court, High street, Park

Rawson's yard, 21, Harvest lane

Rayner's yard, 4, Pond street

Redcroft, Pinfold lane

Redhill, Broad lane

Red place, Solly street

Robert's yard, Garden street

Robinson a yard, 27, Meadow street

Robinson's yard, 40, Harvest lane

Rockingham lane, Garden street

Rockingham place, Rockingham street

Rockingham street, Broad lane

Rock street, Chapel street

Rodger's court, 3, Norfolk street

Roscoe place, Hoyle street

Rough bank, Park

Rowarth's yard, 43, Charles street

Royal Oak yard, 9, Pond street

Royston's yard, 9, Young street

Russel's yard, 20, Union lane

Rutherforth's yard, 78, Broad lane

Sambourn square, 7, Edward street

Sands paviours, West street

Sargent's buildings, Wicker

Sargent's yard, Lee croft

Saunder's square, New street, Park

Saville street, Rotherham road

Saxton's yard, 47, Gaol street

Scantlebury's yard, 7, Copper street

Scargill croft, 7, Bank street

School street, Duke street, Park

Scotland street, Westbar green

Senior's row, 20, Spring street

Shales moor, Moorfields

Shales square, Duke street, Park

Sharrow grange, Highfield

Sharrow green, Highfield

Sharrow Head, Highfield

Sharrow lane, Highfield

Sharrow moor, Highfield

Sharrow mount, Highfield

Shaw's yard, Meadow street

Shaw's yard, 65, Newfield

Sheaf gardens, the Banks

Sheaf island, Pond street

Sheaf street, Pond hill

Sheard's yard, 14, Orchard street

Sheffield moor, South street

Sheldon's square, 24, Orchard street

Sheldon's yard, Wicker

Shemeld's croft, Forge lane

Shepherd's yard, 14, Hollis croft

Shepherd's yard, 14, Newfield

Shepherd's yard, 26, Peacroft

Shepherd's yard, 17, Solly street

Sherley hill, Sharrow grange

Shillitoe's yard, 72, Eyre lane

Shouter's yard, 29, Waingate

Shude hill, Baker's hill

Siddall street, Broad lane

Silcock's square, 16, Pond hilt

Silver street, Westbar green

Silver street head, Lee croft

Simscroft, Townhead street

Singleton's yard, 8, Chapel street

Slack's yard, Allen street

Sleigh's lane, 4, Carver street

Sleigh's yard, Carver street

Smith street, Scotland street

Smith's yard, 10. Edward street

Smith's yard, High street, Park

Smith's yard, 14, Doily street

Smith's yard, 35, Nursery

Smith's yard, 27, Snow lane

Smith's yard, Spring Street

Smith's yard, West bar

Smith's yard, 41, Wicker

Snig hill, Angel street

Snowhill, Broad street, Park

Snowhill, Scotland street

Solly street, Peacroft

Souter's lane, Townhead street

South street, Park

South street, Sheffield moor

Spinning street, Coulston croft

Spitalfields, Wicker

Spital hill, Pickle

Spooner's yard, Tenter street

Spring gardens, Thomas street

Spring lane, Broomhall lane

Spring street, Coulston street

Spring street, Snig hill

Stacey's yard, Furnace hill

Stacey's yard, 35, Scotland street

Stafford yard, Redhill

Stag's Head court, Pinstone street

Staley's yard, Rockingham street

Staley's yard, 27, Young street

Staniforth yard, Duke street, Park

Stanley street, 1½, Wicker

Steelbank, Crooks moor

Steelhouse lane, 84, Westbar green

Stephenson's yard, 77, Westbar green

St. James' row, Church street

Stone yard, George's street

Stoney croft, near Iron bridge

Styran's yard, 33, Broad lane

Styring's court, 1, Cross Smithfield

Surrey street, Norfolk street

Swallow's yard, 21, Smith street

Sycamore hill, Union lane

Sycamore street, Arundel street

Sykes field, 22, Porter lane

Sykes square, Pinstone street

Sykes yard, Church street

Sylvester gardens, Porter brook

Taylor's yard, 36, Harvest lane

Taylor's yard, Millsands

Taylor's yard, 10, Townhead street

Taylor's yard, Trinity street

Tenter street, Westbar green

The Banks, near Clough wheel

Thomas street, Broomhall lane

Thornton square, 23, Green street

Three Cranes yard, 18, Queen street

Tilt yard, 50, Pond street

Timm's yard, Lee croft

Townhead cross, Townhead street

Townhead street, Church street

Trickett's yard, 47, Coalpit lane

Trinity street, Gibraltar street

Trippet lane, Pinfold lane

Trippet yard, 37, High street

Trough yard, 2, Whitecroft

Tudor place, Tudor street

Tudor street, Sycamore street

Turner's yard, 22, Bright street

Turner's yard, 31, Norfolk street

Twelve o'Clock, End of Wicker

Tyas yard, 56, Peacroft

Tyas yard, 26, Meadow street

Type lane, Nursery

Union lane, Charles street

Union street, Norfolk street

Union yard, near Iron bridge

Union yard, 60, Peacroft

Upper Edward street, Edward street

Upper meeting yard, 25, Fargate

Upper slack, Penistone road

Upperthorpe, Infirmary

Vicar lane, Church street

Vicker's yard, 30, Edward street

Vicker's yard, 43, Garden street

Vicker's yard, Hillfoot

Waingate, Haymarket

Wainwright's square, '23, Norfolk lane

Wainwright's yard, 86, Eyre street

Walk mill, Twelve o'Clock

Walker street, 23, Wicker

Walton's yard, Cornhill

Warbleton's square, 18, Eyre lane

Ward's court, 58, Scotland street

Ward's square, 1, Duke street

Warmbath yard, Green lane

Water lane, Angel street

Waterloo place, Green lane

Water street, Spring street

Watery lane, Roscoe place

Watson's walk, Angel street

Weaver's yard, Campo lane

Weigh lane, Shales square

Wellington street, Carver street

Well's yard, 50, Coalpit lane

Well's yard, 36, Newfield

Well's yard, 87, Pond street

West bar, Snig hill

Westbar green, West bar

West Don, Philadelphia place

Western bank, Broad lane

Westfield lane, Pinfold lane

West lane, West street

West street, Church street

Wheatcroft row, 12, Chapel street

Wheats' yard, 70, Carver street

Whieldon street, Broad lane

Whieldon's yard, Red hill

White Bear yard, High street

White Bear's walk, Norfolk street

White croft, Tenter street

Whitehead's yard, Hawley croft

Whitehouse lane, Infirmary lane

Whitelock's yard, 2, Long croft

Wicker, Lady bridge

Wicker lane, Nursery street

Wigfold's yard, 2, Smithfield

Wilkinson's court, 22, Meadow street

Wilkinson's court, 16, Peacroft

Wilkinson's street, Gell street

Wilkinson's yard, 85, Duke at. Park

Wilkinson's yard, 12, 14 & 27, Young st.

Willey's square, 31, Nursery

Willey street, Wicker

Willey's yard, 61, Wicker

Wilson's yard, 18, Haymarket

Wilson's yard, 18, Orchard street

Windle's yard, 2?, Lambert street

Woodcock's row, 66, Eyre street

Woodcock's yard, 24, Pond street

Wood grove, Hill foot

Woodhouse yard, 16, Young street

Woodside, 12, Harvest lane

Woolhouse yard, 11, Peacroft

Woolhouse yard, Broad street, Park

Woollen's yard, 28, Radford street

Workhouse croft, Paradise square

Workhouse lane, West bar

Worstenholm's yard, Carver street

Wright's houses, Providence row

York street, 31, High street

Young street, South street

Young's yard, 11, Portobello

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