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Being an exile from Sheffield for many a year I just love this site. What living away does is make you appreciate what you left behind. Also when you make your trips home you really the notice the changes that have come about as opposed to things gradualy taking place someone living there may not even notice.

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Many thanks

We are the same as you - love Sheffield memories - but we are lucky/unlucky enough to be still here in Sheffield !!

The idea behind the site is this - someone comes on and shares their memories with the world !!

If they want members can post something they want researching and we'll get stuck in and post our finds on here !

Kind of a helping hand

Then the posts can turn into discussions, with everyone adding their memories and expanding the information and adding pics !

Just for the record - you don't have to live abroad to be surprised by the rapid change of this city, you only have to not visit the city centre for a week and then go there to see yet more change !

It seems to change by the day - with buildings coming down, buildings going up and shops closing and opening at amazing speed

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