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1825 Victuallers

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Took some extracting using Excel (=find(), =(mid), sorting, writing out to .txt files, importing from .txt and lots of Copy, Paste Special, Value), I've been using spreadsheets since 1984 (before DOS, it was Visicalc on a Tandy TRS-80, VisiCalc), anyway I'll let Tsavo explain the details !!! ; this stuff is the Victuallers only. 1822 to follow, when I have the time.

? (Hikes Edward, Victualler, Ball And Whitesmith, 8, Spring

Allan John,Victualler, Butcher's Arms, 27,Townhead St.

Allen Joseph,Victualler, Orange Branch, 58, Hollis Croft

Allison Edward, Victualler, Barrel, Little Sheffield

Allison John, Victualler, Well Run Dimple, 58, Fargate

Alsop Thomas, Victualler, Chequers, 43, Coal Pit Lane

Amery Abraham, Victualler, Crown And Cushion, 8, Old Street. P.

Appleyard John, Victualler, Waggon And Horses, 13, Arundel Street

Arinitage Benjamin, Victualler, Saddle Inn, West St.

Arnold Luke, Victualler, Hussar, 13, Scotland St,

Baker William, Victualler, Balloon Tavern, Sycamore Street

Beadle Elizabeth, Victualler, Old London Apprentice, 25,

Beal Enoch, Victualler, Grapes Inn, 53, Trippet Lane

Beardshaw Jonathan, Victualler, Ball, 17, Hawley Croft

Beet Benjamin, Victualler, Shakespear Inn, 48, Gibraltar St.

Beet Edward, Victualler, Seven Stars, 78, Trippet In.

Belk John, Victualler, Red Lion, Duke St. P.

Benson Joseph, Victualler, Old Crown, Little Sheffield

Beresford William, Victualler, Cossack, 19, Howard St.

Biggin Thomas, Victualler, Chequers, And Scissor Manufacturer

Birks John, Victualler, Stag Inn, 14, Carver St.

Biuns James, Victualler, Bridge Inn, Bridgehouses

Brailsford Mary, Victualler, Cross Keys, Shude Hill

Bramley Mary, Victualler, Union, And Liquor Merchant, 7

Bramley Thomas, Victualler, Dog And Partridge, And Liquor

Bray George, Victualler, Ball, 4, Lambert St.

Bray John, Victualler, Little Tankards, West Bar Green

Bray Joseph, Victualler, Ball, Green In.

Bray Joseph, Victualler, Industry, And Wine And Spirit Dealer

Bridge Jacob, Victualler, Green Man, 4, New Church St.

Brindley James, Victualler, Checquers, Rough Bank, P.

Broadbent John, Victualler, Bull And Mouth Inn, Waingate

Broadley William, Victualler, Devonshire Arms, Division St.

Brumby Charles, Victualler, Bay Childers, (And Billiards) High Street

Byre Benjamin, Victualler, Old Turk'S Head, 59, Scotland St.

Cadrnan John, Victualler, Prince Of Wales, 1, Sycamore St.

Carriss Rohert, Victualler, Barrel, 13, Pond St.

Chadwick William, Victualler, Nursery Tavern, Nursery St

Chambers William, Victualler, Barrel, 24, Water Ln.

Champion Isaac, Victualler; Hope & Anchor Bridgehouses

Clark George, Victualler, White Lion, 2, Wicker

Cockin William, Victualler, Union, 16, Lambert St.

Collier George, Victualler, Old Cricket Players, 69, Coal Pit Lane

Cooke John, Victualler, Grey Horse, And Licensed To Let Saddle Horses And Gigs, High Street

Cooper George, Victualler, Reuben'S Head, 43, Burgess Street

Cooper John, Victualler, Green Dragon, 12, Queen Street

Cooper Joseph, Victualler, Falcon Inn, 63, Pea Croft

Cooper Martha, Victualler, Hare And Hounds, 36, Trinity St.

Cooper William, Victualler, Sir John Falstaff, 66, Wicker

Corker Alice, Victualler, Vine Tavern, 17, Furnace Hill

Could Jonathan, Victualler, Brown Cow, 1, Red Croft

Couldez?*!In, Victualler, Robin Hood, 74, Duke Street, P.

Cowley Leonard, Victualler, Angel Inn, 105, South St.

Crantham Robert, Victualler, Cherry Tree, Gibraltar Street

Crawahaw Cassey, Victualler, Bay Horse, 29, Westbar Green

Crich John, Victualler, Black Swan Inn, 2, Snig Hill

Crowushaw Thomas, Victualler, Horse And Garter, 34,

Daflin Joseph, Victualler, Dolphin, Brocco (Bank?)

Daft Frederick, Victualler, Coach And Horses, 1, Water In.

Daft John, Victualler, Cutler'S Arms, And Nottingham House,

Darling Mary, Victualler, Three Whitesmiths, 1, Bridge St.

Deakin Peter, Victualler, Great Tankard, 62, West Bar Green

Doughty James, Victualler, Greyhound, 30, Gibraltar St.

Dutton John, Victualler, Pheasant Inn, 40, Carver St.

Dyson John, Victualler, Swan With Two Necks, 8, Furnival St.

Ellison Luke, Victualler, Barrel, Pinstone St.

Elliss Joseph, Victualler, Twelve O'Clock, Bottom Of Wicker

Elliss Sarah, Victualler, Blue Bell, High St.

Elsworth Edward, Victualler, Royal Oak, West Bar Green

Emmett Joseph, Victualler, Black Swan, 9, Burgess St.

Fearn George, Victualler, Brown Cow, Radford Street

Fearnehough William, Victualler, Ball, Pea Croft

Fearnley William, Victualler, Rose And Crown, Silver Street

Featherstone Willi Am, Victualler, St. Ledger'S Inn, Pinstone St.

Fellsten Thomas, Victualler, Ball, 62, Wicker

Fielding Hannah, Victuler; Punch Bowl, 69, South St.

Flakes William, Victualler, Crown And Shakespear, 10, Sycamore Street

Flint William, Victualler, Parrot, South Street

Fowler Robert, Victualler, Ship, 14, Water Lane

Fox Joseph, Paviour And Victualler, Star, 26, Gibraltar St.

Frith Jessey, Victualler, Milton Arms, Bailey Lane

Furniss Thomas, Victualler, Old Crown, Grindlegate

Garside Joseph, Victualler, Coachmakers' Arms, South Street

Gillatt Enoch, Victualler, Golden Cock; 53, Broad Street, P.

Goodwin James, Victualler, Anvil, South Street

Greaves Charles, Victualler, Corn Mill Inn, 20, Smithfield

Greaves George, Victualler, George And Dragon, 91, West ?

Green Joseph, Victualler, Catler'S Arms, 3, New Church St.

Greenwood Richard, Victualler, Daggers Ian, Market Place

Gyte William, Victualler, Pie House, 5, Scotland Street

Haigh John, Victualler, Brown Cow, 6, Bridgehouses

Haliam William, Victualler, Barrel, 57, Charles St.

Hammond Charles, Victualler, White Hart, 5, Waingate

Hanson Jervis, Victualler, Cross Daggers, 35, West Bar Green

Harker John, Victualler, Blue Bell, 13, Jehu Lane

Harrison James, Victualler, Red Lieu, 4$, Coal Pit Lane

Hartley Benjanun, Victualler, Mitre Inn, 27, Orchard St.

Haslehurst Charles, Victualler, Tankard And Punch Bowl, And Spirit Dealer, 48, Broad St, Park

Henderson Samuel, Victualler, Cock, Hollis Croft

Henley Margaret, Victualler, Hotel, Haymarket

Henson John, Victualler, Bay Childers, Bridge Street

Higginbotham John, Victualler, Three Tuns, 16, Orchard St.

Hill Henry, Victualler, Peacock Inn, Hoyle Street

Hobley Thomas, Victualler, Cleakham Inn, Cornish Place

Holland Martha, Victualler, Ball, 39, Forge Lane

Holland Robert, Victualler, Blue Boar, 59, West Bar

Holland Williara,Victualler, Castle Inn, Snighill, Facing Angel St.

Hoole William, Victualler, Barrel, :34, Peacroft

Housley George, Victualler, Fortune Of War, 62, Scotland St.

Howe Ellis, Victualler, Angel, And Painter, 87, Westbar Green

Hughes. Norris, Victualler, 20, Silver St

Hulley Francis, Victualler, Globe, 15, Porter St.

Hunt Thomas, Victualler, Ball Inn, Furnace Hill

Hunter William, Victualler, Gate, 45, Duke Street, P.

Husband William Victualler, Barrel, Hawley Croft

Hutchinson William, Victualler, Crown, 10, Pinstone St.

Jackson Joseph, Victualler, Cannon, 8, Scotland St.

Jackson Richard, Victualler, Woolpack, Eat St. ?

Kay Thomas, Victualler, Tankard, 27, Pond St.

Kinder Mary, Victualler, Hen And Chickens, Castle Green

Lamb Amy, Victualler, Lamb, 31, Howard St.

Lambert John, Victualler, Tontine Inn, (Posting House)

Law William, Victualler, Packhorse, 09, Westbar

Lawton John, Victualler, King'S Head, Neeps End

Lbbotson Thomas, `Victualler, Cock, 6, Paradise Square

Lee Thomas, Victualler, Bay Horse, 89, South St.

Linley Samuel, Victualler, Oxford Blue, 15, Burgess St.

Lloyd Faulk,Victualler, White Lion, 25, West Bar Green

Lnwton Mary, Victualler, Crown, 8, Duke Street, P.

Lockwood Samuel, Victualler, Union, Bridgehouses

Loy J. Victualler, Brick Makers Arms, Coalpit Lane

Lyre Elizabeth, Victualler, Ball, 30, Duke Street P.

Machan Joseph, Victualler, Old Harrow, Harvest Lane

Marples George, Victualler, Stag, 14, Carver St.

Marshall Henry, Victualler, Ball, 28, Townhead St.

Marshall James, Victualler, Woodman, South St

Mason Jane, Victualler, Feathers, 55, High At. P.

Matthewman Mary, Victualler, Sportsman, Bridgehouses

Maweon Michael Sefton, Victualler, White Horse, 22 Solly St.

Merril John, Victualler, Star, And Penknife Manufacturer, 38 Pea Croft

Middleton Edward, Victualler, Dog And Partridge, 53 Coal Pit Lane

Mirfin Thomas, Victualler, Gate, Hollis Croft

Mitward Ann, Victualler, Black Horse, Howard St.

Moore George, Victualler, White Bear, High St.

Moorhouse Thomas, Victualler,, Red Lion, 32, Hartshead

Morton Sarah, Victualler, Rockingham, Rockingham St

Mosley George, Victualler, King And Miller, 76, Norfolk St.

Neville William, Victualler, Neville'S Tavern, Campo Lane

Norman William, Victualler, Sportsman's Inn, 21, West Bar

Ogden Jeremiah, Victualler, Ball, 61, Pye Bank

Ogle Joshua, Victualler, Mermaid, Orchard St.

Okiham Llanimtb, Victualler5 Black Horse, Jericho

Pallett George, Victualler, Golden Ball, Grindle Gate

Pattinson Ann, Victualler, Spread Eagle, And Spirit Dealer

Perkinton Joshua, Victualler, Red Lion, 54, Holly St.

Petty Mary, Victualler', Ball, 56, Pond Lane

Pinder John, Victualler, Barrel, 3, Pond St.

Platta Robert, Victualler, Black Swan, 3, Fargate

Priest Elizabeth, Victualler, Turk'S Head, Scotland St.

Pryor Samuel, Victualler, Dove And Rainbow,Hartahsead

Rainsay Thomas, Victualler, Cup, Market St.

Reynolds George, Victualler, Three Tuna, 22, Bridge St

Richards John, Victualler, Fountain, 7, Pinfold St.

Richardson William, Victualler, Traveller'S Inn, 10, Snig Hill

Robinson Thomas, Victualler, Milton'S Head, Allen St

Rodgers Thomas, Victualler, Royal Oak, 8, Pond St.

Rose John, Victualler, File Smith'S Arms, 91, Pea Croft

Rose Thomas, Victualler, Bee Hive, Glossop Road

Saville George, Victualler, Pump Tavern, 4, Earl St.

Sayles William, Victualler, Ball Jim, , Norfolk St.

Saynor John, `Victualler, Bowling Green, Barrack Tavern

Schofield Anthony, Victualler, Cutler'S Inn, 86 Fargate

Shaw Elizabeth, Victualler, Yellow Lion, Coalpit Lane

Shaw Joseph, Victualler, Ball, Burgess St.

Shin Elms, Victualler Wellington Tavern, 10, Coalpit Lane

Shirt Joseph, Victualler, White Horse, 33, Copper St

Shirtcliff John, Victualler, Fox And Duck Inn, 96, Broad Lane

Shirteliff Joseph, Victualler? St. George'S Tavern, 35, Broad

Simmonite John, Victualler, Navigation Inn, Castle Fields

Simpson James, Victualler, Anvil, 23, Waingate

Simpson Thomas, Victualler, Barrel, 92, Broad St. P.

Slack Ann, Victualler, Finer Delis, Angel St.

Smith Benjamin, Victualler, King'S Arms, 9? Fargate

Smith Benjamin, Victualler, Three Cranes, 18, Queen St.

Smith James, Victualler, Punch Bowl, 35, Bridge St.

Smith John, Victualler, Pheasant Ian, Broad St. P.

Sowter Whittington, Victualler Barrel, I, Townhead St.

Staniforth James, Victualler, Three Tuns, Silver St. Head

Staniforth Luke, Victualler, (Black Swan) 16, Pond St,

Steer Joseph, Victualler, Royal Oak, Hollis Croft

Stephens Antipas, Victualler, Golden Ball, Campo Lane.

Stephenson Job, Victualler, Rose And Crown, 29, Waingate

Stringer Joseph, Victualler, Blue Boy, Moor Fields

Swallow William, Victualler, Grapes, Church St.

Sykes George, Victualler, Home And Jockey, 10, Tenter St

Tasker John, Victualler, Nagshead, Nagshead Yd. Haymarket

Taylor John, Victualler, Queen'S Head, 14, Sheaf St.

Taylor Joseph, Victualler, Union, 31, Furnace Hill

Thorpe John, Victualler, Punch Bowl, Silver St, Head

Townend William, Victualler, Ball, 23, Oborne St.

Traviss William, Victualler, Queen'S Head, 13, Castle St.

Turner Peter, Victualler, Ball, Broad Lane

Turner Samuel, Victualler, Shades, Wine And Spirit Merchant,

Turton Thomas, Victualler, Bull'S Head, 36, Duke St.

Tyne Sarah, Victualler, Britannhi, 37, Portobello St,

Wade Samuel, Victualler, Ball, Broad St. P.

Wadingham George, Victualler, Elephant, 83, Norfolk St.

Wagstaff William, Victualler, Rodney Arms, Doncaster House,

Ward James, Victualler, Devonshire Arms, 2, South St.

Ward William, Victualler, Cross Keys, 91, Pea Croft

Wardley Isaac, Victualler, Union, Spirit Dealer, 18, Fargate

Wash Robert, Victualler, Sir F. Burdett, 9, Pond Hill

Watson James, Victualler, Mason'S Arms, 18, Bridge St.

Webster Mary, Victualler, Golden Lion, 2, Forge Lane

Webster Thomas, Victualler, Blue Boar, 6, Workhouse Lane

Whesley ??(Hotge, Victualler, Brown Beat, 34, Norfolk St.

White Richard, Victualler, Bricklayers Arms, Jehu Lane

Wilby Benjamin, Victualler, Green Man, 7, Broad St. P

Wilde George, Victualler, Star, 35, White Croft

Wilde Mary, Victualler, Brown Cow, 1, Broad Lane

Wilson George, Victualler, Globe, 54, Broad St. P.

Wilson Joseph, Victualler, Hague Tree Snow Lane, P.

Wilson Thomas, Victualler, Bull, Caver St.

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Can I please ask..What exactly is a victualler? What is the definition if it can be found today?

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According to the Oxford Dictionary:

Victual: Food, Provisions.

Victualler: A person who furnishes victuals.

Licensed Victualler: Innkeeper who is licensed to sell alcoholic liquor.

Hope that helps.

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that list looks like the good basis for a pub crawl

he he

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Now this is an interesting list, are they Beerhouses or Pubs

Think I have answered my own question, just a random check, they are on the A-Z pubs

Edited by Stuart0742
Answered own question

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