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The Lyceum Theatre

Sheffield History

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What a delightful collection of reminiscence. My own recollection starts with being taken every Christmas to the Panto...always up in "the Gods" apart from one year when the choir of St Andrews, Sharrow,  were given a treat and we had seats in the stalls! I have a particular memory of Harry Secombe playing Buttons but there were so many like him, Ken Platt, Stan Stennett, Max Wall and a very long list.  Years later I was a regular at touring plays which were remarkable value and a great night out for a teenager.  But my last visit was the most memorable. Whilst at Radio Sheffield I produced a one hour documentary "Up The Pole Down Memory Lane" with Jimmy Jewel in which he and I toured his old haunts in the City. I got permission to take him into the derelict Lyceum and we stood and recorded his thoughts as pigeons flew in and out of the roof and you could almost hear the building depreciating around us.  He started his stage life with his cousin Ben Warris in the Lyceum along with his family travelling comedy act. Music Hall had been his life and he had appeared at the Lyceum and The Empire many, many times.   If those walls could talk what a tale they would tell. And as for the music hall and panto jokes...about 90 per cent of them would now be unacceptable!  Misonygy, homophobia and smut ruled supreme.   What a morally corrupt generation we were. 

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