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In my time the second year forms were identified by which Language they were studying...Russian, German, Spanish...or in the case of those with minimal language skills...Mechanical Science., Afterwards ,it seemed the forms were known by the abilities of its pupils. 3LA, etc ( in my case 3LC... apart from 3MS...the bottome lot...stuck up in the Tower next but one to the Prefects' Common Room and handy to our form master's (Mr Barnes ....better known as BODMAS) stock room. When deliveries of stock were being made our form , somehow,had the dubious pleasure of being impressed to carry them all the way up into the tower and the stock room... during which .a few  exercise books would, somehow, be "lost" on the way...as there was a"healthy" trade in them from pupils whose books were such a mess they hadn't been signed off  by a Master and were therefore expected to buy a replacement.....ours were always cheaper!

Ludus est Nobis!

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