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Booth & Co., Park Iron Works, Brightside Forge & Royds Mill.


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History of Booth & Co.



A Map of the Lands and Works in the north park of Sheffield Park. 1788.


Amongst others named: John Booth & Co. 19. Little Bank with House. 21.The Meadow. 22 & 20. Furnace Foundry and other Works. Road to the from Attercliffe Bridge, Dam and other Watercourses, Banks above the Dam and by the River. (Property near to Royds Mill Weir) 

Also Marked: River Sheaf; Hospital Grounds; Land held by Wm. Shipley; Road to the Farms in the Park, Cricket Inn Road; Castle Orchards; wear (weir); River Dun (Don); Simon Wheel Upper Dam; Simon Wheel Lower Dam; Simon Wheel; Walk Mill Wear (Weir); Royds Mill Wear (Weir); Furnace Dams; Dewee Close; 

Other Tenants: Thomas Taylor; Isaac Mower; Robert Rawson at Castle Orchards; Thomas Rodgers; Benjamin Blonk & Co. at Simon Wheel; John Woollas; John Froggatt; Benjamin Taylor; Samuel Revil; Hannah Hodgkinson; William Shipley; James Furniss; William Lord; R. Magnall and Ric'd Falkner; John Barber; James Kaye; John Steer; William Smith; William Kent & John Jowel.

(Top of left of Map think it says) "Pencil? Numbers? Harrison Survey 1639. 

Also  (parts listed) Surveyed W Fairbank 1789.


A Plan of the Forges Tenements and works Brightside held of the Duke of Norfolk by John Booth and Co, drawn 1790, updated c.1810. (dated 2nd September 1811)


"The Fall from the top of Brightside Forge Wear (Weir) to the top of Brightside Paper Mill Wear to the middle of the wear at (a) is 8ft 7 1/2. From (d)    to the south end of the wear at (b) is 8ft 5 1/2." 

"Held by the first long lease along with the Goights and Dam marked *. No. 3  New Forge and Rolling Mill with the Ground. No. 4 Dwelling House and Garden. No. 5 Close or Croft. No. 6 Forge and other buildings Dam Gardens & Lane leading to the Forge." Coloured Green (gives measurements) 

"Held by the second long lease Coloured Yellow No. 2 Two Houses with Gardens and other Ground." 

"Held by Common Lease No.1  A Close called The Holme. No. 7 The Island." (gives measurements) 

"* From the Compting House corner to the Company's Hedge next Lucy Southerons is Four Feet. August 5th 1804."

Marked: River Dun (Don); Brightside Forge Wear (Weir); Forge & etc (Brightside Forge); Garden; Charcoal Yard; Road to Sheffield; Brightside Green; Road to Tinsley and Rotherham; New Forge & Brightside Paper Mill Wear (Weir). 

Also named: Earl Fitzwilliam's Land; John Whetham Esq.; Duke of Norfolk and late John Hartops. 


A Plan of the Houses and Ground near Brightside demised to J. Booth and Co. 1789.  (Between Weedon Street and the River Don.) 


Marked: Lane from Carbrook to Brightside & The Dun (River Don). 

Other Tenants: William Binks, tenant; Close held by the Widow of John Hartop.


House, Garden, etc proposed to be taken of the Duke of Norfolk for the term of 99 years by John Booth and Co. 1796.  (Between modern Effingham Road and the Park Furnace Dam.) 


Also marked: Furnace Dam & Road to the works of J. Booth & Co. 


Iron Works of William Booth & Co, 


Heald (Held) by a Common Lease: Upper Meadow; Lower Meadow; Little Bank; Above the Dam including the road and road by the River; upper part of H. Hodgkinsons Close. 

Heald by the first long lease: Old Dam with the goight leading to it from the River. 

Heald by second long lease: New Reservoir Banks & Watercourses round it. Furnace and other Works & Ground about them. 

House & Garden. 


Booth & Co. 

Park Foundry: (Copy) Minutes of meeting of the partners (Sayle, Shore, Binks, Hartop and Booth). 6th Jan 1825.



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Plan of Salmon Pastures held of the Duke of Norfolk by Thos. Sambourne. 1792. Surveyor: William Fairbank II.


Shows part of the River Don, and the Goight and Foundry; (Warren Street, Royds Mill and Farm.) fields etc. lettered and listed with particulars: 

a. Proposed to be taken on lease for 99 years. b. Proposed to be given up to the Road. c. Lower Salmon Pastures, as proposed to be altered. d. Held by Booth & Co., part of the Netherfield. e. Island. f. Upper Salmon Pastures. g. Lower part. h. Upper part, proposed to be kept for sand. Held by John Booth & Co.


A map of Salmon Pastures held of the Duke of Norfolk by Wm. and Geo. Binks.1787. Surveyor: William Fairbank II.


Between (Warren Street) and the goight and the Don; closes, etc., numbered and listed with particulars. Includes the Nether Field and the old wheel; numerical list with acreages; field names given on the map.    (Royds Mill and Farm.) 


It's probable that Burton took over the Mill before 1720. 1718/19, Burton Dam appears in the Repair account. 1737 William Burton took a 21 year lease of "corn mill called Attercliffe Mill near Washford Bridge" 1756 lease still in the name of Burton, 1761 the property listed in his will. 1765, Hartop, ironmasters had a 21year lease;  1782, Binks, Booth and Hartop, the lease recording the poor condition of Royds Mill and Wheel and measures needed by the new tenants to rebuild it and improve the water supply. 

1794, Booth & Co. recorded at Royds Mill & Wheel. The partnership were at this time on the south side of the River Don, developing the Park Ironworks. 

1821, Royds Works advertised for sale or let by Auction described as a Corn Mill; Forge and Rolling Mill. 


A Map of the Turnpike Road from Westforde [Washford] Bridge to the Mill Goite, c.1760-1770. Surveyor: John Needham.


Outline of the mill wheel and goit; 'measurement of land required to make the road straight.' (Royd's Mill Street)

Marked: Mr. Burton Lane. River Dun (Don); Weste Ford Bridge (Washford) 

(Royds Mill and Farm. Windsor Street.) 


For more information about Royds Mill and Wheel, see "Water Power on the Sheffield Rivers" , edited by David Crossley with Jean Cass, Neville Flavell & Colin Turner. 


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