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Broom Grove Estate


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Plan of the Broom Grove [Broomgrove] Estate, in the Township of Ecclesall Bierlow, divided into Lots for Sale, early 19th century. 


By Josiah Fairbank and Son.

Scale 3 chains to 1 inch.

Size 55 x 45 cm.

Original at Sheffield Local Studies Library: S (3) 2 S.



Plan of Broom Grove Estate in the township of Ecclesall Bierlow divided into lots for sale. 1830


Scale 1 chain : 1 inch.

Right hand side: Shows Broom Grove House (with gardens, orchard, yard, barn, stables and stack yard), House Field, Mare Lands, Clarkehouse Road, Common Piece and Pond Field. Left hand side: Shows Lower House Field, New Field, Long field, Little Field, Manchester Turnpike Road [Ecclesall Road], River Porter, weir, dam [snuff mill].

Dimensions: approx. 140 x 44 cm.

Original at Sheffield City Archives: FC/P/SheD/99L.


Broomgrove House, No. 59 Clarkehouse Road. s46857.jpg.17b73bd46067835f4fa12c2ce9725c73.jpgs46857



Offices of the Engineering Employers Federation, Broomgrove House, No. 59 Clarkehouse Road. u11690.jpg.07d9ea174603eb0eff0470a6a9f38c22.jpgu11690   Photographer: SCC Planning. 

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Plan and Section of an intended Road through the Brooms Grove Estate extending from Clark House Road to the Banner Cross Road. 1833. 


Right hand side: Shows Broom Grove House (with gardens, barn, stable, washhouse and yard), House Field, Clarkehouse Road, reservoir, proposed road [Broomgrove Road?] Left hand side: proposed road [Broomgrove Road?], Long Field, Banner Cross Road, Lower House Field. 


Original at Sheffield City Archives: FC/P/SheD/103L.

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