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Primary School on Eastern Avenue


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Here's a photo restoration I did of the primary school on Eastern Avenue, taken in the mid-50s.


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Was this the Nursery school? I was there about 1953 and left the Junior school around 1961. I fondly remember Miss Renshaw in the nursery school. We were given breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea and after lunch we had a nap on camp beds.  

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I attended the small nursery at the bottom of the school grounds on Craddock Road, roughly at the back of the large unit that now stands there, I would say I was only there less than a year in 1947, to this day I can still smell the stew we were served for dinner, it was brilliant. The nursery itself was an asbestos single storey building, being so young I can only remember certain things, in the summer an afternoon nap outside, the smells, the quietness of the area unlike the din of today. I will always remember what I can, even though my parents didn't have much they both worked all their lives aside my three sisters and brother, as a group they made sure any nastiness of the world didn't enter my life which was built on Irish family values.

I'm sure many members of my advancing years also remember their childhood as I do nastiness took a back seat while the good rose above, after my time at the nursery I started my education at St Theresa's school in 1947, at this school I must have been deemed stupid and unwilling to learn by the staff, I can't remember ever being encouraged or helped even though by the time I was around seven I was an excellent reader and speller, I did learn around ten years ago that my sister, who attended the same school upset the head teacher, Mrs Camm, who operated a favourism regime, her dislike of my sister was then placed on my shoulders when Winnie left. Mrs Camm's regime would not be tolerated today, but there you go those were the times.


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Junior School, Arbourthorne Community Primary School, Eastern Avenue. 4th February 2005. c00870.jpg.963fac8edb7b805bdb47f86e86b5722f.jpgc00870


Main Entrance, Arbourthorne Community Primary School, Eastern Avenue. 4th February 2005.c00867.jpg.cdc373eba6a8558e763c2bd341999fc4.jpgc00867


There are many photographs of the children attending Arbourthorne Community Primary School 2005 on the Picture Sheffield website. 




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Arbourthorne Central Council School, opened 31st January 1938. 







Quadrangle in the Junior Department of Arbourthorne Central School. u09916.jpg.ccbd7095fd7d3d9173ae183ece15b645.jpgu09916


Arbourthorne Central Council School. January 1938.  s06589.jpg.1607844c419b0e91a01c94b62d3ee1f0.jpgs06589


Nursery Washroom. January 1938.



Nursery Classroom. 



Nursery Dining Room. 



Aerial view of Arbourthorne area. Arbourthorne Central School, Eastern Avenue, centre. Berners Road, left. East Bank Place, right. Fell Brigg Road and Eastern Drive in foreground. No date. 




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