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Endcliffe Hall Estate


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The old Endcliffe Hall, past owners include Henry Wilkinson. Bought by John Brown in 1863, and demolished to make way for the new Endcliffe Hall. 


Endcliffe Hall. Built 1863-1865 by Architects Flockton and Abbott, for Sir John Brown. A home between 1865-1892. In 1914, bought on behalf of Territorial Association, for the Hallamshire Battalion, York and Lancaster Regiment, saving the house from demolition. 


The Grand Conservatory, an imposing tropical house measuring 160 feet long, with two wings and divided by a 35' high domed tower. Became an open-air ward when used as an annex of the 3rd Northern General Hospital, World War I. Demolished by 1935. 


Sale particulars for the very valuable and magnificent freehold mansion known as Endcliffe Hall. 30th July 1895.

With conservatories, gardens, stabling, laundry, farmery, etc (33 acres, 1 rood 30 perches).

A detailed description of the property and land is given in the sale particulars.

Original at Sheffield Local Studies Library: Sale Plans 30 Jul 1895.


Plan of the Endcliffe Hall Estate 30th July 1895.



Plan of the Endcliffe Hall Estate, showing suggested building plots 30th July 1895.



Endcliffe Hall Floor Plans 30th July 1895. 




The Grand Staircase at Endcliffe Hall. The wrought iron balusters and mahogany handrails were made at John Jebson Smith's Roscoe Works. Note the half-round top doors at each side of the staircase. These led to the domestic quarters, 'below stairs'

For more information see 'Endcliffe Hall in the Manor of Hallamshire', Compiled by D. Hindmarch and A.J. Podmore.


There are several interior images of Endcliffe Hall showing the various rooms, ceilings & fireplaces etc. on the Picture Sheffield website. 



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