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Sheffield Cinemas May 1967

History dude

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Can anyone tell me what was on at the Sheffield Cinemas in May of 1967?  I am particularly interested in films that would have been advertised on railway station posters that month. Plus any major theatre productions that would be on too. You can include too films that might be on elsewhere in the area, such as Rotherham, Barnsley etc. As these posters would sometimes be seen on Sheffield stations too. Also if any long running films that had come to an end in say the previous month.  

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Here's what was on in Birmingham (city with similar cinema chains):

Odeon - Maroc 7 with Let's Kill Uncle (Picture Sheffield ref s28692 23rd May 1967 shows the Gaumont with an advert for Lets Kill Uncle at the Odeon)

ABC Cinerama - Grand Prix

Gaumont - The Sound of Music

Scala Superama - The Taming of the Shrew

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