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Jamie New's School - Everybody's Talking About Jamie Filming Location

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Everybody's Talking About Jamie Filming Location
Jamie New's School

Jamie New went to Mayfield School (along with his friend Pritti Pasha and the school bully Dean Paxton)

The filming of all the school scenes took place at Swinton Academy where the film production crew took over the whole school during the summer holidays to film the many different scenes there (and musical numbers!)

Filming Location Address - 27 East Avenue, Swinton
Google Maps Link - https://goo.gl/maps/BMBUr1jdKF4DB6bUA


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Having just watched the movie I was confused about the school and thought it a bit strange why somebody from either Arbourthorne or Parson Cross was going to a school in Mayfield Valley! Although there was a sort of school there, it certainly wasn't like that one! 

But having seen the film I could understand why the school was fictional. Homophobic bullying and a teacher telling kids they can't do what they want to do after school. The real school would have been closed down and that teacher sacked! But it was based on a true story!! So somewhere out there is a Sheffield school like that which does allow homophobic bullying and might employ teachers like that. The question is which and is it the only one?   

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