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Watch this - how much has Shalesmoor changed just in your lifetime?

Sheffield History

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3 hours ago, Lysanderix said:

As a sometime lecturer and father of 2 kids …both of whom are involved in education and themselves married to teachers I find much of what history dude writes contradicts my experience and also that, I suspect, of my offspring and their partners.That said ,everyone in a sensible society has a right to an opinion..and we are “chatting”.

I can give an example of how the process of the education culture might work.

This song sort of sums it all up. I have removed the last line from the end for you can insert a lot of things in place of it. Though on the last verse I have left it in.

My father is a doctor, he's a family man
My mother works for charity whenever she can
And they're both good clean Americans who abide by the law
And they both stick up for liberty and they both support the war
My happiness was paid for when they laid their money down
For summers in a summer camp and winters in the town
My future in the system was talked about and planned
But I gave it up for...

I went to school in handwashed shirts with neatly ordered hair
And the school was big and newly built and filled with light and air
And the teachers taught us values that we had to learn to keep
And they'd clip the ear of any idle kid who went to sleep
My father organised for me a college in the east
But I went to California, the sunshine and the beach
My parents and my lecturers could never understand
Why I gave it up for....

Well they used to sit and speculate upon their son's career
A lawyer or a doctor or a civil engineer
Just give me bread and water, put a guitar in my hand
'Cos all I need is music and The Free Electric Band

Things you could insert might include a hippy, terrorist, left wing fanatic, right wing fanatic, pop star, reality TV star, religious extremes and many more.

You might be married and hopefully happily, but you can't say the same for the rest of the population of the UK.  That's another problem it has created.

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