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A while ago we had a discussion about hydrogen. Looking at Sky news this morning it would seem that a Sheffield company , ITM Power, have successfully tamed the “beast”.Nice to have a local world leader!😀

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Absolutely! They've now moved into a brand new factory at Bessemer Park on Shepcote Lane. If you're coming off the M1 northbound at Junction 34 you get a quick view of it.

The picture shows the view from the top of Wincobank Hill. You can also see the factory from the Meadowhall car park near Boots.

From the ITM website:


ITM Power Plc designs and manufactures products which generate hydrogen gas, based on Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) technology. This technology only uses electricity (renewable) and tap water to generate hydrogen gas on-site and has a product offering capable of being scaled to 100MW+ in size. In establishing the existing customer base, particular importance has been placed on the ability

(i) to provide a fully integrated system,

(ii) of the system to respond rapidly to varying power profiles, and

(iii) to generate hydrogen at a pressure, flow rate and purity appropriate to its application.



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3 hours ago, Michael W said:



I’m afraid anything to do with space just leaves me cold.

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Once upon a time ,when the country appeared more adventurous than today ,we were up there with a space programme…budget cuts and a lack of foresight-saw it ended (shades of TSR2)

Todays world relies so much on satellites  and we are left “begging “lifts….!


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