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Locked Out


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I've just received this message from ukelelelady and I hope you can help her with he request.


can you help ukelelelady

Hi Vin

 Remember me, Ukelele Lady  [ Kath ] from the Sheffield History Forum.

I once asked you the same favour as I'm going to ask again.

I haven't been on sheffieldhistory for quite a while and I'm trying to get back on again but

it keeps blocking me and I can't send them a message until I'm registered but I'm already

registered but it won't recognize me.  It's very frustrating . I'm hoping you can help me by

letting those in command know.


I hope you are keeping well with all this Covid going around, I read your articles in the My

Kind of Town. I also send one  or two things in for publication now and again.


I hope you can help me by telling the SHF that I'm locked out trying to get in.


Thank you, Kath

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