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St John, Ranmoor

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12th September 2021, at 12pm, on Talking Pictures TV was a programme The Footage Detectives. During the course of the programme they showed a wedding film, but they were unable to identify the Who, Where or When of the film. It showed a fine church with an unusual spire that wasn't rising from the main body of the church, but was rather in the style of a very ornate porch. To me this looked very much like St John at Ranmoor. One clip showed people next to the outside noticeboard which proved this was the Ranmoor Church.

When was this? I don't know. They seemed to think it was either the 1930s or 1940s. One clue is that Mr G.A Nottingham was the verger mentioned on the board.

Unusually the bride was wearing an ordinary outfit. Was this as a result of clothing rationing? Some of the guests arrived at the church in a single decker private hire bus.

I've a couple of images taken off the TV screen in case anyone can recognise some of those on the film.




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I don't know these particular people but it is a dead ringer for my own parents wedding in 1948, - the suits, haircuts and glasses are identical.

Like many men, dad had recently been demobbed from the RAF and austerity was the key.

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