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Kelly Directory information please

History dude

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I would like to see the Kelly directory information for the following streets from 1965, 1968, or any dates around these years (1965-1969).

Bernard Road, Blast Lane, Effingham Street and Lane, Furnival Road, Lumley Street, Maltravers Street, Sussex Street, The Wicker and  Woodbourn Road.

It's needed as part of the Sheffield Victoria to Woodbourn Road model.

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I have a 1970 Kelly’s @History dude  is that any good for you and if so…

Are you just looking for an image of the street pages for the roads you’ve listed above?

Happy to help if you let me know what you need…


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I am looking for scans of the pages for those roads. Yes the 1970 version would be a great help. I doubt that a great deal of the commercial companies would have changed by that date.

I don't even need the whole of the Wicker. As the model would cut the Studio 7 in half.  Then up to the Arches. On the other side (the Hotel) will just be the fronts of the buildings, so the side streets of the Wicker are not needed.

I have pictures of many of the buildings, but some of later date, so might not be the same business as the late 60's. Of course if anyone does have pictures of the streets mentioned, though I might have got them already, it's possible I might have missed them! So please do post them or links here.

I did a full search for Kelly's online and there are none of that period, though they are expensive too, when they were for sale. 

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I’ve looked at the area that you’re working with and also added a couple that I thought might be if use also. Malting Lane and the section of Worthing Road from Sussex Street to Chelmsford Street.

No reference to Effingham Lane I’m afraid, but looking at the map from 1965-72, everything seems to back on to it, so hopefully all the businesses (e.g. Thomas Turton’s) will be captured in surrounding street listings?

Here are the street listings from Kelly’s 1970. Hope they are of use to you and let me know if you need anything further from the book…






























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I have been looking at these directories and I have come across a slight problem. It all centres on the Wicker at the top end. Between numbers 85 and 93 the maps all show this to be a bank. But the directories all show other occupants. Both the 1965 and 1970 say that 85 was Roberts Office Equipment and 93 was The Sheffield Bookshop, you then get Andrew Lane and then 95 Station Hotel. But no bank in-between 85 and 93. 

But were the bank should be.... Well in the 1970 it lists the Communist Party!! A strange place for them to be 🤑   Numbers 88 to 91 are listed for where the bank should be.

Directly opposite on the other side of the road was the National Provincial Back (126) which didn't change hands. Number 122 was empty in 1970. Weston was there in both years at 120, 118 empty in 1970, Fowler at 116 (both). 114 going from a cafe in 1965 to the Madrid Restaurant in 1970. 

I'm assuming that if the building number was not listed in the directory there was nobody in the building.  

Also mentioned is a pet store around the steps to the station, was it the building at the back of the N P bank?

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I was looking at Picture Sheffield last night with the words Wicker and saw that. So no it wasn't around the back. It was in the building with the lift to the station.  There are lots of views of the shops on there and the earlier cafe too. There's a nice one of the office furniture shop number 85. The only trouble is I don't know what colour it was!!

I also noticed that Walker Street has some buildings in the arches next to the bridge. So I do need the scans of that guys thanks.  I Have upload a bit of the map of 1955 which show the cut off point of the model. Plus some notes on who was in what. At the back of the bank are two mystery buildings indicated by red question marks.

Roberts (Office Equipment) Ltd, No 85 The Wicker 1967.jpg


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