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Picture Sheffield not always clear when you buy

History dude

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Due to the low definition of some of the images on Picture Sheffield you have to purchase a copy of them. This is especially important on some of the panoramic or wide views of some of the photos. Where details not always available on other photos crop up in the background or distant to the original subject of the photo or what the photography was trying to capture. Whilst the main subject will be detailed enough, the background gets to blurred to see and identify buildings or objects. 

One case in point was this picture


Even on the Zoom section you can't make out the detail of the carriage sidings in the distance. So I purchased the picture and you could even count the coaches and spot the shunting engine of British Fuels.

One the other hand this picture didn't produce the clear results when purchased.


Taken in 1966 I was trying to tell if the old carriage shed of the LNER was still there in front of the Refuse Plant of the Council. On the image you can just make out the black structure of it. But the purchased photo still wasn't clear at all. You can compare the front of the shed with the earlier photo of it below.

The reason might will be that a less expensive camera might have been used. The other was taken by a Council department. Whereas as this photo belonged to a Mr. C. Singleton.

It's not a website fault though. I did come across one of them the other day where the zoom image was a mess, bit the normal one looked fine. Image Below. I contacted Ken the site chap. And he uploaded a new image.


2021-06-26 20_28_48-Zoom image — Mozilla Firefox.jpg

Carriage Shed Lumley Street End 1937.jpg

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