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? Moses Street Darnall c 1902

Lyn 1

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Guest leksand
7 hours ago, Lyn 1 said:

Could somone please tell me whereabouts this was? 


Around the start of the last century it does seem that there may have been another Moses St. Alfred Road was used as a distinguisher for the Brightside one illustrated above but I've also seen "Moses Street, Attercliffe" & "Moses Street, Edward Road".

Attercliffe was used beyond the CP sometimes to describe areas around Local Fields and Newhall on occasion but I doubt would have been used for that part of Brightside. Edward Road, Attercliffe (later Edwards Road) is at Hill Top, which is not really Darnall either. It's also a bit problematic as it is not clear where Moses Street would have been! The two roads linked to Edward - Amberley Rd & Pothouse Rd (later Manningham) - don't seem to have had earlier names.

In Darnall itself a lot of the roads around Handsworth Hill had briefly lived names when first developed, subsequently altered to avoid duplication. Neither Moses Street nor Edward Road are ones I'm aware of though. I don't know whether this also applied for the northern section, beside High Hazels. Perhaps there may have briefly been a Moses & Edward there, but I'm not at all sure there was any development there by 1902.

Can I ask what the source is? Is it primary or secondary? It appears that Moses Street, Alfred Road may have been dedicated at the same time as a number of roads specified as Darnall. Could this, perhaps, have any influence?


Further to above. There is no sign of anything other than the Brightside Bierlow one in the SHeffield area on FMP street indices for the 1891, 1901 or 1911 census & is a very rare name anywhere in 1901. I think, in hindsight, the variants noted before may just be press fowl-ups.

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Many thanks for your help. I found it both on a baptism record and a census but looking at the enumarators trek around didn't make it any clearer to me. Mystery solved now. 

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On 11/04/2021 at 18:45, leksand said:

, the variants noted before may just be press fowl-ups.

Perhaps they were supposed to check carefully but chickened out.

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