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Touch Burners

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Does anyone remember making touch burners when they were a kid?

I lived near Firth Park library and we used to get mud from the stream and make them into a box which had a hole in the end into which we put dry grass or anything that burned and set light to it . I think we also had a hole in the top for the smoke to come out of.

This was in the early 1950's.

Can anyone remember more detail about how they were made?


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Hi johnm i remember them, but have always known them as clay burners.

We always put string or pieces of rope in them, can't remember ever using dry grass.

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We used to call them winter warmers,

filled them with oily wopp, from the Hallamshire Steel Works

Clay box about four by three inches with a hole in the end, ,

lid with either a hole in the middle, or if you were smart, a small chimney.

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This is 'Touchburners' by well respected Sheffield Artist Harry Epworth Allen, from the 1930s



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Smashing work of art!  It highlights all the things me and my mates got up to in Bocking Woods (Chancet Wood) in the 50s.

Climbing tree's, making dens, moulding touch burners out of clay from the river bank, making peashooters from the hollow stems of the Hogweed plant, drinking the spring water that trickled from an old cast iron pipe built into the hillside.

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