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City Hall concerts 1950s

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This is a response to two recent posts 

I, too, benefitted from the cheap student tickets.  There were two series- one Fridays and one Saturdays. I was in my teens and after concerts I would go round to the Green room to get my programmes signed. I still have many of them. We would often be invited in. Sir John Barbirolli usually did and talked at us - a string of hilarious anecdotes told with the timing of a professional comic.  Then Lady Barbirolli came to say time to go.  Some, as did JB did this as a way of winding down after the intensity of the concert. 

George Weldon was usually up for a chat but he talked about the music or the soloist. 

On the question of the lions.  They were disliked by members to the backs of orchestras because it divided them. They found it harder to see and hear each other. I heard it said that Sir T Beecham said he would never conduct there again until they were moved.   

And then down to the pub in Norfolk Street for a swift half. I was tall for my age.  

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