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Working Men's Club Trips for Children - 1950/1960's

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Paul Worrall

Working Men’s Club Day Trips – 1950s/1960’s

Has anybody got any memories or memorabilia from the annual 1950’s/1960’s Working Men’s Club Day Trips for Children?

My Dad was a member of the Aqueduct Working Men’s, Darnall so My late brother and I got to go on the annual trip to either Cleethorpes or Mablethorpe in the early 1960’s.

These outings were legendary. Participants met in the Club Car Park, were given a 10 Bob Note, a voucher for a Fish and Chip Lunch in a set Café, a Stick of Rock and then were allocated a seat on a coach. The coaches always stopped at that large pub were the road divides between Cleethorpes and Mablethorpe and all the older participants disappeared inside for about half an hour.

My friends used to say that Club Trips were a common aspect of WMC life. My friend went to Blackpool with his Dad’s club.

The title, ‘Working Man’s Club’ was a sign of the unequal times. Some Clubs wouldn’t even allow Women Members in their own right, they had to be wives of male members!

Wazzie Worrall.

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Bob Pringle

Sadly I didn't have a card-carrying parent that would allow me to go on WMC trips. However, I have a fond but hazy memory of an alcohol-fuelled coach trip to Blackpool with the landlord (Patrick Shannon) and clientele of the Red House pub on Solly street. As if a day's drinking in Blackpool was not enough, on the way home we had a couple of hours of further refreshment at the Peggy Tub (WMC?) in Stocksbridge.  A good day out!

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Paul Worrall

Excellent! A different angle on Coach Trips, it appears 'drinking' plays a major role in all activities!

Wazzie Worrall...

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I remember in the late 80s early 90s going on a club trip with arundel Wmc.

got a packed lunch and drink - and £2 in 20p’s.

all kids went on a coach with adults on another.

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