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Joseph Rodgers and Sons folding pocket knife.

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Hello all,

I'm looking for help with identifying the date of manufacture of a folding pocket knife, made by Joseph Rodgers & Sons, does anyone know when their company started to produce the single hawkbill blade shape, which has a possible two tone rose wood handle ?The blade is stamped hand forged, it also has an address No 6 Norfolk Street Sheffield on one side of the blade shoulder, and the other side has a star and a Maltese  cross, on the actual blade side the makers name is stamped central to the blade by the half moon cut out opening. 

The Maltese cross and star Crest was registered as a trade mark in 1682 Joseph Rodgers first registered the mark as his own in 1764, & produced pocket knives in 1764.

I'm trying to find the date of manufacture of this particular folding pocket knife, as this folding pocket knife does not have Cutlers to his Majesty so could this be a very early manufactured knife from this 1764 period and its value.

It may possibly have two names ? But which? One name is a fruit knife and the other is a pruning knife, I've not found any reference to which is which and hoped someone might be able to enlighten me, the knife handle is complete & whole although it looks like it's been repaired I think is just the two-tone affect of the wood used or just plain worn.

(References: CurmudgeonNKLotz) write up taken from the sales description for Rare Joseph Rodgers and Sons Pocket Knife history.


Thank you for any and all information you may be able to offer.









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