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Family history search LOVATT, possible connection to a dance school?

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Jennifer G


I'm just doing some family tree searching and have hit a brick wall.  My great grandfather (who died in 1936) was George Lovatt and he and his wife Clara had two children called Annie and Nellie between 1910-1912 whilst living in Sheffield.  We think he may have been married before (he was born in 1868 ish, not sure where) as my Dad remembers my Grandad taking him to Sheffield to visit some step-siblings around 1970.  He can't remember any names but seems to think that one of the step-sisters/brothers had a dance and drama school at the time which used to perform at the City Hall (which may have been in existence for several years by then).  These step-siblings would be older than my grandad (who was born 1917) and his sisters (born 1910-12), and evidently still lived in Sheffield.  When George and Clara met they later moved to Greater Manchester, so he would have left the children of the first family behind; we have no idea how or why he left his first family, or if his first wife had died etc.  The family name was LOVATT.  We have no other further information because no one ever talked about this kind of thing all those years back.  I've trawled the family history websites for records but am now stuck, so thought I'd try here, just in case! Thanks.

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Here are a few bits of information which might point you in a productive direction?

Nellie was born in quarter 1 1910 in Sheffield, mother's maiden name was Gladwin.  Annie was born in quarter 4 1912 in Sheffield, mother's maiden name was also Gladwin. Annie's baptism details are below:


This may be the correct George in 1920:


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