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Sheffield knife collector

Jon Marsh

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I'm so glad to have found this forum! I've been collecting Sheffield table knives on and off for 20 years and could never find anyone else with similar interests. Most of my collection are stainless steel i.e. WW1 or later. I have 49 different makers and the knives are mounted in picture frames. I keep a record of where I bought them, markings on the knife and how much they cost - markets, garage sales etc.

I have spares of:       James Marsden and Sons      Chris Johnson and Co          A.E. Thompson and Son       Leppington Cutlers Ltd               if any other collectors want to swap or buy.

I have been in Sydney Australia since 1962 but was born in Liverpool UK, so have connections to the North!






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What a wonderful collection and so well presented. Sadly, despite having the surname of one cutlery manufacturer and coming from Sheffield, my interest in its cutlery industry is limited... although I do possess two or three pre 1939 examples of Taylor's Eye Witness knives...😉

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