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A talent for art

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My grandaughter Phoebe is 23 years old this year, she went to university and gained honours in teaching, sadly she only managed to get temporary posts, then the virus put a stop to that but because of the talent she has she’s keeping active doing pet portraits, I’m biased but I think they are very good, I just wish she could get a living out of it.

For Christmas she did a pencil drawing copy of a flint hand axe  ( pictured ) which I have framed, it’s brilliant.





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Hey Tozzin, they are amazing!

There has to be a business idea there somewhere. Pet owners love their pets dearly (mostly) and I’m sure would jump at the chance of having a portrait done of their favourite pet(s).

Covid has made it very difficult for many a business, but I’m sure if she reached out on forums, social media etc with examples of her talent, she could get some work going. 

Pairing up with vets (are they still open?), pet sitters or animal charities etc would be a good way to get your name out there. Especially if you donate a % to said charity.........

I wish her all the best. It would be a shame for that talent to go to waste !


Good luck Phoebe

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