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Butchers Arms, Bath street


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Hello, Does anyone have a photo of the Butchers Arms which used to be on Bath street, Broomhall.

My great grandfather was the beer house keeper there according to the 1901 census.

Also I would appreciate information regarding the whereabouts of photos of Shirland Lane, where it crosses the canal bridge and the grocers shop junction

Shirland Lane and Candow street. Also the row of houses and cottages at the bottom of Prince of Wales Rd.

Thanks in anticipation.

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Hello madannie77,

Thank you for the photographs, The Candow St. one is spot on.

The Shirland Lane ones are good. I am being picky !. photo s44398, I would like a photo of the houses to the left of one shown on this side (left) of Shirland Lane,

where my parents lived pre WW 2.

I appreciate what you have sent me, Thanks a lot, Alan

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