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Green pram man /- Sheffield Marathon 1992

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Hi guys,

I wondered if anyone on here might be able to help with something (or know someone who can). I’m producing a documentary about John Burkhill aka the green pram man.

In his interview he mentions that his wife had being diagnosed with cancer in 1992 and her final wish was to do the marathon and win a finishers medal, as she had never won anything before. John contacted the race organisers and got permission. He said that when they walked into the stadium, it was almost as though they’d won it. Everyone was cheering them on and he said his wife was the happiest he’d ever seen her.

So, I was just wondering if anyone had somehow miraculously got any footage or pictures from it? It took place on 28th June 92. I know it’s a long shot but thought it would be worth asking as I’ve exhausted all other options. (Including places like itv, look north, Sheffield archives, the star, YouTube etc).

if not, if you happen to know any people who ran it and might have some photos /video footage, please let me know. 



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