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The Tinsley Headquarters filming location for Four Lions

Sheffield History

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One of the most important Sheffield filming locations for Four Lions is the main characters Headquarters base at Tinsley where they plot, scheme and hatch plans to bring destruction to the London Marathon.

In the opening of the movie there is an establishing shot showing the wider picture and then the camera zooms in and in further until it reaches the very spot where our main characters hideaway is located, right next to Tinsley Viaduct on Sheffield Road

This is a filming location that looks exactly as it did in the Four Lions movie (At least at the time I'm writing this!)

Help needed - If you have any idea where the opening shots were filmed from please post below!

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The exact location is Sheffield Road just off Tinsley Viaduct - just two minutes from Meadowhall!

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One of the funniest scenes in Four Lions is outside the headquarters on Sheffield Road in Tinsley where the lads come up shaking their heads after Barry has told them that doing that will mean their faces are blurred on CCTV 🤣

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I lived on Norborough Rd back in the 60's and remember all that area long before the motorway was built and where the filming of the FOUR LIONS was made on Sheffield Rd, that street ran on for some way, across the road was a bank, further down were a number of shops and post office, then along came the building of the motorway, on Saturdays we'd go to help the workmen doing odd jobs from cleaning their mess cabins out to odd job carrying, for 5 shilling it was well worth it, some very happy days spent in and around the area, Tinsley was one of the best places I lived at during my youth. The canal was always known as the 'cut', as youths we swam in it during summer, there were old bomb shelters further down towards Rotherham behind the works, happy days.

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