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The Watermills of Sheffield

Karl McAuley

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Thanks for that.  It's amazing how things suddenly add up and fifty-year old memories make sense.  As a child in the 60s we lived in Hartington Rd, near Millhouses Park.  On hot summer days we used to play in the Sheaf down by the playgrounds, near the entrance to the Lido.  further upstream there was a weir which was great fun to slide down (it usually had green slime on it which made a nice slide).  We were always careful not to go above the weir, the water was deep there.  In the past I'd half wondered why the river made the odd S-bend with the weir.  Looking at your map I see that there was "Barkin" or "Barton" wheel which stood "close to the present model yachting pond in Millhouses Park".  Now an old man exiled to the south understands what puzzled him as a callow youth!  Thanks.

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On 12/11/2020 at 08:40, Karl McAuley said:


I just finished writing the code for this Watermills of Sheffield page, it's an interactive map showing all the locations of the watermills listed in the book 'The Water-Mills of Sheffield' by W.T. Miller published in 1947. Tap on a mill for its name, and tap on the name for the description from the book.


I've written it for use on a mobile phone, for when you are out and about, and on this the GPS can be used to show your location. It will also work with a desktop PC.





Went for a lockdown walk yesterday to a couple of the locations shown on your water wheel app.

We walked up through Ecclesall Woods past Rycroft Mill, not a lot to see there! carried on up to Whirlow Bridge, had a look around the excelent Whinfell Quarry Gardens, before taking the footpath past the Whirlow Wheel and Mill Pond. The path follows the Limb Brook (originally called "Fenny Brook") up the valley to where the Brook rises at Ringinglow

Came across a bit of info about the Wheel on this derelict places website.


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