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Sheffield Wednesday vs Sheffield Utd, April 12th 1971.


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Hello. I was at the game all those years ago, at Hillsborough, a 0-0 draw.

I have some autographs of Wednesday and United players that I got from the day, that I am now putting up for sale.

I know/ remember, most of the Wednesday players, and the Alan Woodward autograph, but there are a couple that I cannot make out,

so,.....what I would like to know please, is what were the TWO full teams for that day, if anyone remembers or knows please?

Thankyou, regards,



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I suspect United's line up that day was:

John Hope, Len Badger, Ted Helmsley, John Flynn, Eddie Colquhoun, Trevor Hockey, Alan Woodward, Geoff Salmons, Bill Dearden, Tony Currie and Gil Reece.

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Hello, Hopman.

Thankyou very much for that.

Wonder if you, or anyone else might know who these autographs are, from the day/era?

On the page of 5, I know who the second, fourth and fifth players are...and the third MAY be either Graham Pugh or Tommy Craig....or neither!!

I know the Alan Woodward autograph, but don't know who has signed the flip side page, in blue.

Any positive I.D.s? help, thankyou.




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Hello. Yes, correct on both counts.

I already have those 2 tagged and Alan Thompson, the second one down, top sheet.

It is the top and third name from the Top sheet I am after and the one in blue pen on the reverse of Alan Woodward.



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Hello. Thankyou so much for your help.

I cannot make out the other 2 players on the sheet of 5, although, from your Wednesday list, the 3rd one down, MAY be Colin Prophett?

My Old memory is telling me, I think, that the one in blue on the rear of Alan Woodward may well be Eddie Colquhoun.?

Thanks again......appreciated.


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