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Model wagons of Sheffield are they real?

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History dude

I have found 14 model railway wagons (though two are different makes of the same wagon) that appear to represent real wagons owned by Sheffield Companies. But did the real life wagons actually exists? Or where they made up rather like the Redgates Wagon made by Hornby (see Redgates thread).

If each of the companies represented did exist, did they use railway wagons regardless of the model status? 

If the wagons were real, what date period are we talking for each?  

The companies:

1 Nunnery

2 Ketton Cement

3 General Refractories

4 Amoco

5 Longbottom & Co

6 Barkby Jolliffe

7 Sheffield & Ecclesall

8 Thomas Black

9 S Waterhouse

10 Jas Turner

11 Thomas W Ward

12 Chapman Fletcher & Cawood

13 Sheffield Chemical Co (Attercliffe)

With the exception of Oil and Chemical and Lime Stone & Sand, most of the wagons are for coal. This maybe not what the companies trade was. Just the fuel they used.


Wagon 9.jpg





R6344A Barkby Jolliffe & Co Ltd End Tipping Open Wagon.jpg

Wagon 1.jpg

wagon 2.jpg

Wagon 3.jpg

Wagon 4.jpg

Wagon 5.jpg

Wagon 6.jpg

Wagon 7.jpg

Wagon 8.jpg

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I believe private owner wagons were fairly commonplace until the founding of British Rail and with it the eventual standardisation of rolling stock. Having had some experience, as a young man, in the recycling of rolling stock I do know that many of these old wagons had wooden underframes and wrought iron axles....so were considered , latterly, as being potentially unsafe. Sorry, can't help with your original question!

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I can confirm that (as someone who collects these wagons) my research has confirmed all these companies did exist. As did wagons used by those companies, in some shape or form. 

Era-wise, the open wagons would likely have survived in service till at least the 1950s, although they would have looked a lot more weathered by then. 

Likewise for the 4 wheel tank, really.

The "bogie" tank, if it existed in that form, would likely have been 1950s or later built, but it's hard to be sure as it resembles a continental style of wagon. 

There are also other Sheffield-based companies/wagons out there, which I have in my collection - I could try to list them for you, if that would be helpful?

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I started work in 1955 at the Wicker Goods Station, Saville Street and can confirm that wagons such as these were still in very common use in the 50's.

I also recall Bogies amongst them too - some I think were used by National Benzole petrol & oil company who were based at Lumley Street.

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2 hours ago, History dude said:

Would love to see the list!

Okay, no worries - it might take a couple of days (health dependent), but I shall post it in here once I have assembled it.

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Okay, so, I have tried not to count the ones you have already mentioned above, and this is what I have got so far:

William Lawson, '2' (Hornby)

Thomas Black '49' (Bachmann, triple set with next two wagons)

Tinsley Park Collieries '2241' (as above)

Newton Chambers '3751' (as above)

Renishaw Iron '917' (Oxford Rail)

Nunnery Colliery '1574' (limited edition, by Bachmann for Geoffrey Allison)

Manchester & Sheffield Tar Works '19' (limited edition, by Bachmann for Rails)

Sheffield & Ecclesall Co-op 'No 13' (limited edition, by Dapol for unknown)

T.C.D. Ltd '171' (Mainline)


I can also confirm that the Sheffield Chemical Co tank and the Longbottom & Co open wagon on your intial list are both limited editions (respectively for Rails and TMC/Modelzone)


Now this list is only of wagons which are classified as the 'Sheffield' district - I have many others which cover Rotherham, Doncaster, Barnsley, Chesterfield, Bolsover districts, amongst others! But I have been collecting these local wagons for around 23 years now, even when I lost interest I didn't sell them as I guessed the interest would come back haha.




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