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Green Square, Charles Lane

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John Cartwright

I have traced an ancestor living at 2 Green Square, Charles Lane on the 1851 census. The nearest I can get following the route of the census is somewhere between Eyre Lane and Arundel Street. I've used the OS 25ins 1892-1914 map & the 1906 Insurance maps but the location is not identified and I'm assuming it was developed before these dates. Does anyone have any ideas?

Charles Lane map 2 1906.jpg

Charles Lane map 1906.jpg

1892-1914 OS Charles Lane.jpg

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Later date, around 1890, what was Green Square appears to have become Court No.1, buildings (houses?) on the east side of the square look to have been replaced with the Don Plate Works.

green sq c1890_e.jpg

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The freehold of Green Square was auctioned in 1852 at Mr Nicholson's Auction Mart in the High street:


But it looks as though it didn't sell - it was listed again for auction in September 1852, this time with Mr Middleton of King street:


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John Cartwright

Thanks for that, The location is now at the right of the only remaining part of the lane.

I have traced the route taken by the census taker in 1851 and there were 22 dwellings in Green Square with 124 residents. Considering that the area of the housing footprint was approx. 30x12 metres that gave a density of about 3 sq.m per person.  Including the inner courtyard and the passageway at the side,  the whole area was approx. 30 x 24 sq. metres, To put it in perspective 124 people were living in an area of about the size of a basketball court sharing what looks like on the map, a wash house and 2 middens.  



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