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Sheffield Poster Advertising (S.P.A)

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Does anybody remember  Sheffield Poster Advertising, they were based on pinfold street, opposite the Old Telephone Building, my Dad worked there as a Billposter back in the 1960s, they had a garage where all the vans were kept,and offices above, from what I recall the Christian Science had a place next door,When my Dad did the Poster on the ABC cinema, we used to get free tickets,and also the Gaumont, I've not seen any old photos of the Building, there is a big office block there now, on google maps.

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Would this be the building? I can’t find any views at street level, just an aerial view and the large opening could be a vehicle entrance?

Otherwise, all I can find is what I believe to be the same building being demolished, maybe in the late 70’s...







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Thanks for those replies, well done!  yes that's  the entrance where the red arrow is pointing, it was a yard area, where all the vans parked and it had a roof over, and also looking at the list of premises, yes I remember the John Walsh vans coming out of the little side street nr the entrance..

I also remember going to the Sheffield Playhouse to see "Love on the Dole", down the hill just around the corner,on Townhead street, before they built the crucible.

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