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Button Lane Sheffield city centre

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On 01/09/2020 at 19:25, SteveHB said:

The Moor, circa 1950, Button Lane seen on the left






One of the first or the first Swap Shop in Sheffield  was on Button Lane, it was around 1956/7, also a type of second hand business was close to it but it was more like ex war department stuff, I remember two or three runway lights from an airfield were round in the backyard, it wasn’t bric a brac or household stuff they sold, wish I had paid more attention now.

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8 hours ago, LeadFarmer said:

Is it where Milton Street is now, albeit partly built on and realigned? 

No, Milton Street is on the old map just the label is missing (the orphaned "Street"). It's more along the line of Charter Row.

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I remember going in the old army surplus store on Button Lane with my older brothers. They bought some old WD telephones and candlestick type phones  to try and connect up an intercom system at home! Don't remember it working though! 

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