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History of Smithy Wood Crescent, Woodseats


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I am hopefully buying a house in Smithy Wood Crescent, Woodseats. I am researching the history of the area, and have already discovered some fascinating things, such as who built the house (Joe Enock). I am really curious as to why Smithy Wood Crescent was changed from its previous name, White House Crescent, sometime between 1914-1939. Does anyone have any information about this?

If anyone has any information about Woodseats generally, I would love to hear. I am new to Sheffield and really enjoying learning about my new city.

I wonder also if anyone knows of any information or connections to the people George and Annie Room, who were the first occupants in 1911. 

Many thanks,


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I used to work on Smithy Wood Crescent in the 70's at Thornton's (of Chocolate Kabin fame) who had their main offices on the section of Smithy Wood Crescent to the west of Woodseats Road leading up to Crabtree Bank Farm from the corner of Archer Road and Ulverston Road. Our Shopfitters were based in one of the old barns of the farm where the road turned into Ledstone Road. One of Thornton's production sites was on Archer Road built on the site of a disused quarry which is now flats. I would have thought that originally Smith Wood Crescent ran from Chesterfield Road to Archer Road, although I would doubt it was a 'road' in the sense of what we know now  or it was called Smith Wood Crescent before the area around Frith's Road (now Woodseats Road) was developed for housing. I would guess that sometime in the 1st quarter of the 20th century the name was changed from Whitehouse Crescent to Smithy Wood Crescent as a 1914 map still shows it has Whitehouse Crescent. The actual Whitehouse was situated on Chesterfield Road where Homebase is now and Smithy Wood ran from there to Green Lane (now Scarsdale Road). A useful site to help you get your bearings and compare old with new is maps.nls.uk

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Hi Ruth   This Photograph was posted by RLongden on a topic about the wild well located at Norton Hollow (now Fraser Crescent) the photograph was taken looking towards the location of Woodside brickyard on Chesterfield Road, you can just about make out a house and other buildings on the horizon. (taken in the early 1900s)     https://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/topic/16076-wild-well-at-norton-hollow/?tab=comments#comment-136658



Norton Hollow.jpg

Norton Hollow(2).jpg

Norton Hollow(3).jpg

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I also worked for Thorntons during the late 70's and early 80's at their offices on Smithy Wood Crescent.  I remember that time very well and worked with some lovely people, including  Mrs. Teasdale, Margaret Beaumont, Edith Milnes, Beryl Price and Julie and Shirley the receptionists. At that time Stanley and Norman Thornton were still alive. Dennis Beard was factory manager (across at Archer Road). Ron Stanley was in transport. I left at the end of 81 just before my son was born.


At the moment, I am looking into the history of nearby Crabtree Farm and also the area at the top of Smithy Wood Crescent which I understand was once known as White House Crescent. I have seen an old Ordnance Survey map of that area dated around 1913. Very few buildings are shown on what is now Smithy Wood Crescent. Any information would be very welcome. 

Mandy, Sheffield History Member.

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Here is a link to maps of the area, dating back to 1877, right through to 1970, all really interesting and showing some great detail of buildings, houses, businesses and other points of interest.


Hopefully you will find them interesting, maybe some more things to search out in more detail?

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Hi Ruth,

1911 census, 68 Whitehouse Crescent, Sheffield, Ecclesall Bierlow.

George Roome, 37yrs, Auger grinder, born Sheffield.

Annie Elizabeth Roome,37yrs, born Sheffield.

Beatrice Roome, 17yrs, sister, born Sheffield.

George Stevenson, 72yrs, Father-in-Law, widower, Joiners tool forger.


In 1901, George and Annie are living at 2 Stone Terrace, Annie gives her place of birth as Norton, Dby.

George and Annie (nee Stevenson) were married at St. George's Church, 11 April 1897.

George Roome, grinder, age 40, died at 68 Whitehouse Crescent, buried 4 April 1914 in Burngreave Cemetery.

Annie E. Roome remarried to William H. Bagshaw in 1922.

Annie Elizabeth Bagshaw aged 84, widow, buried 4 February 1944 at City Road Cemetery.


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