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Ordnance Survey Revision Points

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I've just discovered what the "rp" on Ordnance Survey maps means - revision point. In the 1940s the Survey took photos of selected points to make cross referral of new mappings easier.  Some of the photos have been re-discovered and put on-line.  The only ones for Sheffield are those taken in Attercliffe. For example:


Revision Points discussion

Attercliffe Revision Points

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Some fascinating pictures in there, amazing how many places are not just destroyed now, but most were marked as such at some point by the OS before the pictures were junked

I was particularly struck by how smart Roundel Street looked then: Oates Ices looks interesting.


And a view from now which I think might be roughly a similar angle (not sure - I think actually it might be 180 degrees out, either way it's nothing like that now). Is that man hole cover the same one?  Those houses have been boarded up at least 10 years:



There's something a bit eerie or creepy about many of the pictures, but I can't identify what it is. Maybe the out of place young OS men looking quite suave whilst pointing comedy arrows at strange bits of urban ephemera (one looks like George Martin, another like a young Bernard Levin).


George Martin, before signing up the Beatles.


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