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Cinema on Errington Avenue

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There was a cinema at the bottom of Errington Avenue, which was then turned into the Omega Lamp company,

Anyone remember the name of it ???

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I used to frequent this cinema along with the Manor & the Rex, I can remember seeing a film at the Carlton starring the fictional character Lash LaRue, a western hero who  Favoured his trusty bullwhip, never saw this character in any other films, i suppose the distributors didn’t like him,  Born Alfred LaRue in Gretna, Louisiana in 1917, he was reared in various towns throughout Louisiana, but in his teens the family moved to Los Angeles, California, where he attended St. John's Military Academy and the College of the Pacific. Strangely, his California death records show his father's last name was Wilson and that Lash was born in Michigan.



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thats it

we saw South Pacific there 

summertime magic

custers last stand

we also went to the manor top star cinema to the Saturday afternoon kids matinee 

Also saw my first x-rated film at the Rex 

straw dogs


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The Carlton wasn't at the bottom of Errington Avenue, it was at the bottom of Errington Road at the junction with Eastern Avenue. As Madannie77 has pointed out there is already a topic on this cinema.

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