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Sheffield Ghosts and Haunted Places

Guest codeyes

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Guest edie_sedgwick

Middlewood nurse is a popular lady... I am convinced there is one in our house but mi dad thinks im goin mental haha

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Guest darcy73

I remember as a boy of around 5 or 6 my family used to be regulars in The Wellington pub near the bottom of Netherthorpe Rd. At the time (around 1978-79) it was generally understood amongst the regulars and owners that the pub had a ghost. I remember being sat in a corner with my coke and crisps and hearing footsteps in the rooms above even though nobody was up there. The bar staff had seen the ghost many times sat at the bar and because they got so used to seeing him they used talk to him! They used to refer to him as Norman, and the story goes he was a alcoholic gambler who hung himself in the pub. To this day my mum and aunty still talk about the night's we used to have as a family in the Wellington and "Norman".

This pub is now open again as the Wellington. I was wondering if anyone else had any information of the history of the place or had any similar experiences in there?

I'll get around to visiting again one day as I've not been in since the 70's.

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Guest horrorbabe

just found this site so im going to comment on the below story yes the park cinema is haunted i worked there for 5 years when it was willis foodstores the ghost we used to encounter was a man dressed in a old fashion suit and a large brimed hat called halfrid he was seen by 5 different people me being one of them and i have many stories about what used to happen there im just trying to do research on the building to accompany the storys i have about the place cant find anything on it the sheffield archives only have one photo if any one could help me be really grateful

I met one ( or the prescence of one).......................

In 1969, I worked evenings at the Park Cinema, which was no longer a picyure house but a Star Bingo. One of my jobs at the end of the night was to go upstairs to the Circle ( which was no longer used) and turn out all the lights ( some of which were the old gaslights).

One evening as I was going in to one of the upstairs corridors from the Main Circle to turn out the corridor lights I felt a rush of cold air and an overpowering smell of violets and the gas light on the wall belw out. I had a torch so apart from freaking a bit at the initial shock I "calmly" ran out. I was told the story at the time about a young woman who was either murdered or disappeared around there but I can't remember the ins and outs. I'll see if I can chase the research up about the Park Cinema.

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My aunt told me about her grandmother's insistence that a house on Albert Rd Heeley was haunted. They moved from Lansdowne Rd to this much bigger house on three floors. It had marble and mahogany fireplaces and baize covered shelves, and was considered 'very posh'.

The family were parents, four children, grandmother, and maiden aunt, so the extra space was welcome.

However within a few months a series of accidents convinced the grandmother the house was haunted and they moved back to Lansdowne Rd.

The most serious accident was to the youngest son who fell in the bathroom and almost severed his leg. Another son was knocked off his bike and the father fell off his ladder while lamplighting.

Strange story as some of the accidents were not in the house, but it was enough for grandma, so move they did.

I haven't mentioned the house number in case the house is still there and occupied. Don't want to worry anyone!

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Since I posted my replies to this thread my perceptions on the subject has changed vastly.

It started a couple of years ago. My mother had dropped a heavy book on her foot and she needed to go to the Northern General Accident and Emergency department via an ambulance. I was allowed to go with her. When we got there we were waiting ages along with other patients very close to where the emergency ambulance drop patients off. I remember  it being around 2pm in the afternoon. I was stood against a wall very bored.

That night as I lay in my bed in a relaxed state - not asleep. I had a vision of the same events, but this time it was very different! Now from where I was stood in the waiting area, I could see a large swirling vortex open up in the sky above the ambulance area outside the building. Out of it came a MASSIVE amount of what later I could see where transparent figures of all different ages and sexes in a stream heading towards the ground. They all went into the emergency entrance and into the rest of the hospital. There must have been thousands of them! I could see some look at me. But I didn't know any of them. Though I could make out their faces. They were all transparent too!

Presumably since it was around 2pm when this happened the ghosts had come to see the friends and relations in the hospital at same time as the normal visitors to the hospital. 

Of course when it first happened I passed it off as some kind of dream. But unlike most dreams the images were not distorted, with things that couldn't be the case. In fact it was like looking at a video of the days events! With the ghosts added on!!

Of course it happened again. This time at the funeral of my uncle. Again I saw nothing and felt nothing out of the ordinary as the events happened, nor was I expecting to see anything.

But again relaxed in bed, the same viewpoint I had that day, this time as the coffin came in, there was my uncle, younger than when he died, solid this time, with his wife who had died a few years before coming in with the coffin. They spoke too, commenting on who had come and surprised to see some of the people there. Their daughters was crying, but they were not interested in that. I suspect it was because they couldn't do anything about it. 

Now you could put the incident down to grief. And if it happened first to me I would too. But I was in no pain of grief at the Northern General, just bored stiff! So it doesn't explain that.

What's more curious was that I told a neighbour, who liked to go to see mediums, about these events. And she persuaded me to go and see one of them at a church in Attercliffe. 

Again I saw no ghosts at the event, which I wasn't expecting to anyway. Nor was I certain that I would see a vision afterwards. However I did see a vision of part of the night's events. I did not see the whole thing. During the event the male medium said he could see a woman who swore a lot at the back of the room. So we all turned around to see if she was there. He had a decent conversation with this woman.  This part of the event played out in my vision this time when I turned around to see this woman. Guess what I saw?

Nothing! Precisely as I saw when I turned around that night. The vision showed no ghosts present at all.

Now I don't know if the medium could see ghosts, as it wasn't a replay of the entire night. Nor do I know what triggers these visions and what makes them select certain parts of the day. But it could be that I was shown that as he said he could see this woman and something wanted me to see that he was making it up!

Nevertheless from later trips to the Northern General, I can tell you that the most haunted place in Sheffield is the Northern General. But the ghosts are perfectly harmless and most probably visiting those who are sick in the hospital. Plus others from the building's past.

I suspect that the Hallamshire might be the same, but I haven't been to it in ages, since the visions started.    

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